Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

No Halloween party....
A big typhoon is rolling over Tokyo right`s stormy and rainy outside...  -_-;

April 2010
I will go out tomorrow to meet Kathi, but tonight I will simply stay at home...I think it`s pity since I have never been out to a Tokyo Halloween party before and today should become my first time...but I don`t want to end up somewhere with no trains >,<  Yoshi also comes home earlier and so we want to relax with coffee and nice cake ~
To my friends who are heading to the clubs right now: ENJOY IT!!! 

Yoshi sent all of his photos from his old keitai to his new IPhone and found some cute, old pictures ~
Those pictures from April 2010 make me smile so much XD
One of my students always ate my jacket and my bf enjoyed copying XD
Now I will check out some nice places for Christmas and preapre dinner ~

Somehow the weather rain the whole day  +_+  Since we expected hardcore rain we just slept until noon, went to Softbank to get Yoshi`s IPhone and then headed to Shibuya to buy a case for his new favourite toy. We decided to take some purikura. Since my keitai is a simple prepaid one (=no internet) and his IPhone address wasn`t activated yet we couldn`t download here are crappy photos of them XD
Maybe I have the chance to get a scanner someday soon....

While we chilled at the game centre, we found a cute Stitch...and just after 2 times we were lucky! The biggest losers of UFO Catchers ever really got a big Stitch XD  We were so happy about it like children who are getting their Christmas presents XD
Anyway, it`s our baby now ^^

And later we ate yakiniku and relaxed at home ~ watched TV and now it`s time to go to bed.
I wonder if I go out tomorrow....but it seems a typhoon is crossing my plans ;-;

Halloweeeeeeeennnnn...I wanna go to a Halloweeeeeeennnnnnnn partyyyyyyyy ~~

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Yo ~

Yesterday I went to Shinagawa to clear my Visa problems...well, I obtained a normal tourist visa which means : No work  -_-  But I can stay in Japan until Apri ~  (which is pretty sensless since I need to return in January anyway..) I shouldn`t have trusted the Japanese embassy about this whole Visa thing...
Afterwards I met Cori (@Blogger: Baby Pink, Baby) ~ been such a long time ^^ And later hang out with Kathi&her boyfriend ^o^
We ate yakiniku and I nearly destroyed an electronic massage stick at Donky XD
I waited some time at Tsutaya and realized that I need a white winter coat ;-;  I love my white poncho a lot, but it will be really cold in winter and I don`t have any warm clothes in my closet ^^;
I also took some minutes to look inside the "Mama" magazine which always shocks me in many fanatic 35 years old who wear clothes like they`re still 18....but :  I love children and some of the kids` models are sweet as apple pie. Although the part of dressing up kids for special events amused me...those boys look like kindergarten hosts XD

Today I spend time with my bf and if this xxxxxxxxxx rain is stopping we will head over to Harajuku to check out some cell phones. No Disney Sea since it`s simply cold and raining like it`s the end of the world. Next month for sure ~


Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

May 2010 ~
Today my dear Kathi has started her blog ~  Please follow her, too ^o^

Today we had a chilli-day at Sangenjaya. We ate dinner together, hang out hours at Mister Donuts and then went to Donky to check out some Halloween costumes since we are planning to go out this weekend. Sadly the Sangjya Donky don`t have the same stuff like the one in Shibuya and so I will buy all things on Wednesday or Friday ~

Some people asked me how the heater for my hamster looks like XD
Well, it`s simply a small heater made out of plastic. It`s made for animals, so water and biting resistant.
Tomorrow I`m off to the immigration office and bank ~

Since this post is already including a pet heater, here a pic of Kobayashi and his sweet baby ~ can`t wait to get a dog next year...

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Hey guys ~

Yesterday was pretty cold and so we decided to hang out in Sangenjaya. We bought a mini heater for our hamster @ the pet shop and later on used our enegery for karaoke XD  It`s so cheap over there (500 Yen+1drink/ 2 hours).
At night we went to our favourite cake store and happened!!
We found our ^-^  It`s a mini house (50qm), 2 floors, veranda, built in 2002 and simply love ;_;  We always thought about moving into a stlyish apartment house but somehow this mini house broke our plan into small pieces... it`s located in Daikanyama...
But sadly all in all the key money etc would be about 300.000 Yen (3000 Euro~). And we can`t afford it yet...being all frustrated we walked back home, had a long talk and I slowly realized that I need to decide what I really want to do in my future. Yoshi is working so hard, already saved so much money and I can`t do a lot since Waseda graduate school fees will be more than 15.000 Euro....and I need to take care of my money more than ever.
2 years ago I was dreaming of graduating from Waseda, living all by myself in a huge and glamarous apartment and working like crazy to afford my shopping days and my friends` karaoke nights...I know I have the best chances to enter, but do I really want that life now?
I could work as teacher and still earn enough to have a nice life style...and if I simply go to language school for one more year and later do a Working Holiday, there would be no visa problems to stay in Japan...and we could afford our little dream of moving into a nice place (wherever it will be), buy our dream dog and and and...
I know he can`t do it all by himself and somehow my career life after Waseda seems pretty cold and boring if I think about how much fun it is just being together with him. He wants me to go and I know he is trying to make all things reality but I think we won`t be able to get the full-package...and now it`s my turn what to do. I have saved enough money to pay the first year at Waseda. This money is enough for a new apartment, a language school, hard times if I can`t find a job directly after language school. It could be my start money here...
Last night when he was sitting on the veranda and phoned with his best friend, I heard how much pressure is inside him to make everything perfect. The fashion shows, the daily work at the shop...and always the fear that he isn`t doing enough for me since I`m still a student and don`t earn money yet.
I will use some time to make up my mind ~  I just know that I won`t ever give up on him.

His mother sent three BIG packets full with food XD  She even sent my favourite kitchen cleaner sheets since she knows how crazy I`m about the lemon smell XD
On Thursday or Friday we will go to Disney Sea ~ since he has work on Saturday+Sunday and won`t be celebrate Halloween with me we will make our own Halloween party at Disney Sea XD

It`s getting colder ~ time for winter clothes!

Karaoke Junkies XD

Thank u photo for his mother ^^
Best pudding cake ever XD
Same cake ~ but 6 months ago~

Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Yahoo ~~
I`m making bento boxes right now and watch some kind of Japanese teenage-love-always-the-same-stroy thing ~ but it`s cute ^^

Kathi and I were scouted for a German movie company which is dealing with Japanese movie companies...they are looking for some office girls which will be like a PR agent at movie festivals etc in and around Tokyo...I`m not sure how this will work out because of my visa troubles and so on, but anyway I will answer them tonight. Sounds pretty interesting ~

I also got my extensions done. My bf got a deep cut in the finger at the last fashion show and I hope he has survived today`s work XD

Now something serious: PLEASE DON`T BUY REAL FUR!!!!
I know it`s trend right now, but especially for Japan foxes, rabbits and cats (!!!!) are killed in Russia and China just to serve the trend of heartless people who simply ignore the fact that the thing around their neck or hanging down from their bags was alive!!!
You can buy fantastic fake fur everywhere(@H&M)...real fur smells terrible, is really difficult to keep clean and especially foxes and martens are suffering like hell because of this...
In times of great fake fur there is no need to kill animals just for their skin. It`s  a conservative, bloody cruel crime...we don`t need their fur anymore.
And: Cheap fur which you find in shops like 109 is sometimes made out of cats and dogs...would you wear your own pet????!!!!
Use your heart ~ be human !! Stop the real fur trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Yesterdady our double bed arrived XD HAPPY!!
Later we went shopping, ate some ice and chilled in Shibuya ^^ We also visited Kathi in 109 XD
Around 1am we made a short visit at Daisuke`s and Katsumi`s apartment. We talked how funny it would if we get babies around the same time....a boy and a girl...and in High School they become a couple. Yoshi wasn`t so happy about it though XD  He will be a overprotective daddy....
It doesen`t matter how long we`re together or how many hours we talk...we always have fun together and when I think of myself 2 years back and now I`m glad I changed my mind of having a serious relationship or marriage...he makes me complete ♥  Like lover and best friend in one person.

Today no long entry because I`m on the way to the German School in Yokohama~ there is a school festival today and I wanna check out where Yoko is always having fun XD

Just some pics ~

Teachy wants attention XD

Yoshi gave me a little present ;_;

Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Yeah ~~~ tomorrow the double bed will come ^^
Sleeping with 1.76m guy in a single bed for more than 5 months has simply reached a limit XD

I checked out 109 today but sadly I don`t have enough money to buy any single dress which I fall in love with...just because I get extensions on Sunday and I live on a strict budget. I want to give my bf a sweet present for Christmas since he spoils me so much ^^  That`s more important ~

And of course Kathi and I had a sweet chill-out at Stabaaaaaa!


We met Kobyashi-san,too ^^ And his sweet doggy ~~

Had a great dinner with Yoshi...REAL Italian food...
Living box XD

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010


Yesterday I finally met Kathi to have a sweet chill-out at Saizeria and later a short purikura session XD

My family got us pair bracelets from Pandora
She is now working at 109 and I really envy her XD  I want to work, too...I`m wondering if my visa will be ok or not...
Since I missed the office times I need to go there tomorrow.

Today Yoshi has holiday ^^ But still had to go to work because of a meeting for a new I will pick him up later and we want to do some shopping. Starting from tomorrow I will make bento boxes for him. I have enough free time and since he rarely eats I hope it can be a motivation for him not to wait until work has finishes XD

And last but not least a great pic of this summer...Aki and Steffi are posing with a drunken salariman who barely stays alive.... XD

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Good morning ~ 

Since I`m back here I`m full of energy.  I get up every morning at 8am to eat breakfast with my bf, then I do some housework and try to go out before 11am XD   Normally I`m the type who won`t get up before 3pm... XD

Anyway....yeah, the past days went by so quickly...I`m surprised about it. Yoshi and I went shopping on Friday. Although it was our anniversary, we had to do some shopping instead of going to Disneyland (we will go there in 2 weeks, so no problem about that XD). We still sleep in a single bed and so we bought a double bed and some things for our apartment. He is treating me really nice and trying to cover all my expenses since he feels regretful that I had to buy the airplane ticket to come back to Japan...but there is no need for it. I would have come back to him even if I had to swim or walk the way back. But I`m glad that he`s that thoughtful and sweet ^^ 

Yesteday I met Yoko, Teru&Masa. The German J-group XD (all of them have lived in Germany or they`re half, so that`s why ^_-)  We hang out in Masa`s store for a while (which has some really cool stuff, so please check it out ~ it`s close to Laforet Harajuku), then Yoko had a date with a hairstylist and we went to Daikanyama. She got her beloved extensions... (and I want some, too >o<). Yoshi finished work earlier that day to eat dinner with me and so we chilled at home and watched some TV.

Glamour, Baby  XD

Today I`m planning to go to the beach ~ and tomorrow I need to go to the Immigration Office...not really amused about it  -_-