Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Hey guys ~

Yesterday was pretty cold and so we decided to hang out in Sangenjaya. We bought a mini heater for our hamster @ the pet shop and later on used our enegery for karaoke XD  It`s so cheap over there (500 Yen+1drink/ 2 hours).
At night we went to our favourite cake store and happened!!
We found our ^-^  It`s a mini house (50qm), 2 floors, veranda, built in 2002 and simply love ;_;  We always thought about moving into a stlyish apartment house but somehow this mini house broke our plan into small pieces... it`s located in Daikanyama...
But sadly all in all the key money etc would be about 300.000 Yen (3000 Euro~). And we can`t afford it yet...being all frustrated we walked back home, had a long talk and I slowly realized that I need to decide what I really want to do in my future. Yoshi is working so hard, already saved so much money and I can`t do a lot since Waseda graduate school fees will be more than 15.000 Euro....and I need to take care of my money more than ever.
2 years ago I was dreaming of graduating from Waseda, living all by myself in a huge and glamarous apartment and working like crazy to afford my shopping days and my friends` karaoke nights...I know I have the best chances to enter, but do I really want that life now?
I could work as teacher and still earn enough to have a nice life style...and if I simply go to language school for one more year and later do a Working Holiday, there would be no visa problems to stay in Japan...and we could afford our little dream of moving into a nice place (wherever it will be), buy our dream dog and and and...
I know he can`t do it all by himself and somehow my career life after Waseda seems pretty cold and boring if I think about how much fun it is just being together with him. He wants me to go and I know he is trying to make all things reality but I think we won`t be able to get the full-package...and now it`s my turn what to do. I have saved enough money to pay the first year at Waseda. This money is enough for a new apartment, a language school, hard times if I can`t find a job directly after language school. It could be my start money here...
Last night when he was sitting on the veranda and phoned with his best friend, I heard how much pressure is inside him to make everything perfect. The fashion shows, the daily work at the shop...and always the fear that he isn`t doing enough for me since I`m still a student and don`t earn money yet.
I will use some time to make up my mind ~  I just know that I won`t ever give up on him.

His mother sent three BIG packets full with food XD  She even sent my favourite kitchen cleaner sheets since she knows how crazy I`m about the lemon smell XD
On Thursday or Friday we will go to Disney Sea ~ since he has work on Saturday+Sunday and won`t be celebrate Halloween with me we will make our own Halloween party at Disney Sea XD

It`s getting colder ~ time for winter clothes!

Karaoke Junkies XD

Thank u photo for his mother ^^
Best pudding cake ever XD
Same cake ~ but 6 months ago~


  1. I don't know if I should say congrats or not on finding your dream place..!! ;__; Sounds like a very difficult decision to make...
    Maybe try looking around that area for other ones with lower key money? You might just get lucky.. (Don't forget about costs for insurance too, that really raised the cost of the place me and shota got >_<;; )

    But I have a lot of respect for you. It really takes a lot of work on both sides to make relationships work, and I can really see you're both doing your best..!!

    Good luck!! I really hope you guys can get your dream place =]


  2. @Petite Devotchka
    Yeah...all in all (insurance, cost for renting a car to bring all stuff to the new house etc) it will be around 300.000....
    Well, we need to be close to Shibuya due to his job and so most apartments/mini houses are around 110.000/month...
    I know we won`t be able to find a cheaper place since we checked all companies and it seems 110.000 Yen is still a far price for our wishes (not older than 10 years, auto lock, modern bath room, 35~50qm, veranda, flooring, modern kitchen).
    Yeah! I read your seems really hard finding a good place...but well, it will be ok :) I stay positive a always.

    Yep, it does...but it`s worth fighting for ^-^
    Thanks (♥´ω`♥)