Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Hello from the really cold Tokyo ~

This morning it was snowing a lot and most train lines stopped after 8.30am. My school decided to cancel today's class and so I had a nice holiday...which I spent in bed until 3pm XD
Tomorrow we have to visit the German embassy again and since it seems the snow will stay for a while Yoshi and I will just stay at home&relax today.

On the weekend Steffi&I visited Microcosmos, the famous pan cake place. Really tasty like always
And I also had the chance to do some shopping.
Hope to take some photos of my new clothes tomorrow.

And some sleepy Peko pics...



And a photo from Cori :) I think we went to Shimokitazawa that year ago?I don't remember ^-^
Thanks ^^ Totally forgot about that ~~

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Yahoooooo ~

We were lucky this Monday and could eat lunch at Yoshi's restaurant ~ since it's a pretty expensive place we rarely go there. It was a wonderful lunch...wish everyday would be like this XD

Pizza, Pasta, much as we like. And of course the dessert...which was amazing, too.
Afterwards we watched "Time" since Yoshi had some free tickets from his friend. It was pretty ok except one fact: Running like crazy on 15cm high heels is simply...stupid. I mean, if I know I have to run to save my life, I would simply throw my heels away...even if they were from Manolo Blahnik XD

A new version of my favourite cookies..
Monster Coala eating the Fuji...hehehe...

On Wednesday the boys of Yoshi's restaurant had a soccer game against some other restaurants. It was their first one...and I love my loser team XD  LOL ~ here the very sporty group photo~

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

This weekend had no real lovely Visa card decided to be a little mean and the money transfer from the other bank account was too no shopping *heartbroken*
Happily I'm off on Mondays (and my money will finally be available XD) and so Yoshi&I will check out some shops tomorrow...I have seen clothes in Vivi&Can Cam last week and I have found so many nice things... I can't wait for warm spring days XD So tomorrow will be a nice shopping date~can't wait ~

And I want to use this chance to say ~CONGRATULATIONS~ to my sweet friend Kathi from Austria (check out her blog at Tokyo Rockstar Life): She just got engaged to her boyfriend Hiroki  :)
I still remember our fantastic party nights when were just 20....what a great time!
No matter if you will live in Kagoshima or here in Tokyo...I can't wait to hang out with you again&maybe someday with our sweet kids XD

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

I can see the weekend in front of me...yesssssss ~~

Since I have started working as teacher I don't have much time for going out on weekdays because I still help out at Starbucks once or twice per week...but weekends are LOVE XD

Today Yoshi and the boys of the restaurant of his part-time job decided to visit the sports' game centre. You can play all kind of sports until 5 am for just 1000 Yen.
He was begging me to join but I have to admit that playing soccer and tennis from 11pm-5am isn't my style XD  A kiss from the lazy side of life...also getting up at 8am for work was one reason...I'm always tired in the morning, no matter what ~ maybe my body is longing for spring ^-^ Or I simply should try to go to bed around the past days I always end up at 1am...which isn't that nice...

I also took a photo for Yoshi's staff room today. Here is the very random photo ~

This one was a mistake, but I really love it...beautiful

Two weeks ago Steffi&I decided to visit a wig shop and I found such a nice one...I just had to take it home! I didn't get a chance to take a good photo yet...this one is taken with my crappy old cell-phone&on a toilet which had red light...
So the photo's colour is a little bit strange.
Actually the wig looks like my real hair colour&it's so nice having long hair again...wish my hair wouldn't be that thin and short ^^"

Yoshi and I are thinking to go to a professional photo studio in April or May and take some wedding photos beforehand. I heard most studios offer extensions in the styling-set, so at least in my wedding photos I will have long hair ~ ^.^

And now...the Peko-Pokemon again XD  I love his expressions...

One month left until my family will be here...and I hope I have some time to go shopping for
 spring fashion next week ~

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Good morning ~

An earthquake was the beginning of our day..well, it's 11th today XD
No surprise...

I'm sorry for my absence the past days but work kept me busy...

Now it's weekend and Valentine's Day
is coming over ~~
I will make some sweets on Sunday and since I have work until 10pm on 14th we will spend the 13th with a nice dinner and a trip to the German embassy to get some paper stuff done for our marriage.

Anyone heard the news with Akanishi ?? (⌒-⌒; ) wtf...

By the first post via I-Pod...

And here is the Peko Pokemon (^。^)

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Yesterday was Yoshi's birthday
A big fat cuddly "Happy Birthday" to him ~ and an award for the best boyfriend ever :)
Beautiful, gentle, clever&caring: Simply Yoshi ~

Here are some pictures of our shopping round through Shibuya.

Hehe...yes, it looks a little strange XD
But  Yoshi got me a huge pig doll in the game centre ~

And here the pictures from our clubbing night at Eri's birthday ~~  :)