Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Alright...soon 2012 starts ~ hope you guys are ready :)

 I had my last work day today. It feels so good to have 10 days of winter vacation XD
Starting from next year's January I won't be able to work that much at Starbucks anymore...although I don't want to quit yet. At least I try to work on Tuesdays...I love the people there and it's really fun.
But I'm also looking forward to my work as teacher.
A lot of changes will happen in 2012 ~~ can't wait :)

Tomorrow I will have a nice round Karaoke with Steffi&Yu-chan, one of my Starbucks guys. Afterwards some shopping&clubbing...time to go to bed to be ready for tomorrow ;)

Here are some pics of the last days ~

After Western Christmas decoration back to the Japanese New Year's decoration ~

Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

What a crazy Christmas this year...

At first we've missed our reservation in the German restaurant on Christmas Eve...a big traffic jam made us waiting in the bus for almost one hour...and when we called the restaurant and asked for 30 more minutes we still couldn't made it...
And so we ended up in Ginza without a restaurant...really every little restaurant was full...just a salad bar had a small place for us...of course our Christmas mood went away already XD 
We simply went back home, totally frustrated...and sad.
Well, today we decided to make a Christmas party at home. Together with Steffi we ate chicken&cake and chilled a little while..
Next year we will be in Germany and it'll be a real Christmas :)  I am SO looking forward not to spend my Christmas here XD

Steffi gave me wonderful gloves ~~ I really need one since I lost my last pair in the train last year ^^"

And Yoshi? Well...yeah...what did Yoshi give to me?




A marriage propose ~

And some other photos of our little party ~  wish you a wonderful Christmas!

I wish that you have the power of endurance to make your dreams come true, that you don't give up in hard times&try to smile, that you are able to cherish the wonderful things around you, that you treasure you beloved ones even though you can't be with them & that you find happiness&satisfaction in every day, even if it's raining.
Merry Christmas ~

Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Just a small post since I'm deadly tired from working the whole day XD

In Japan everyone is crazy about Christmas cake...which is pretty expensive (around 3000Yen). So this year I decided to make one instead of buying. The result is pretty cute I think. It's a simple chocolate-rum cake with coconut topping.

I have three days off and I am really looking forward to relax and have fun this Christmas ~ I will make another update tomorrow night, so no "Merry Christmas" yet ;)

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

 Hello    ~
7 hours work on Friday and then...Christmas
Anyway, I still need to get some presents...hope to find them tomorrow.
Yesterday I had the first meeting with my teacher team at the school. Both of them are really lovely and I can't wait to work with them. We have planned the first lessons for the Opening Trial together and checked out some nice and easy songs. Although my school is callled "international", all kids will be Japanese whose parents want them to grow up bilingual. I hope I can show you some photos soon :)

Yesterday morning Yoshi's free day was cancelled since one of the other staffs got sick suddenly. Happily he just had to work around lunch time and at night we had some free time.
Yoshi really wanted to visit the German Christmas market, which is hold every December in Roppongi Hills and so we gave it a try. It was my first time there and I was really impressed. It's a cute and small market...only the food was a big shock. Not only the price (700 Yen for sausages XD), but also the look and taste of the food was a disappointment.
Only the Glühwein (hot wine) was ok and Yoshi enjoyed two cups. I think it's a great try for those who miss the German Christmas feeling here in Tokyo. We had a nice time :)
Sadly Roppongi itself isn't that nice...lots of strange foreigners who rarely seem to have a valid visa. One guy thought Yoshi was working as Host and wanted him to take part in some kind of "video" (some kind of porn I bet...) and didn't let go of us...until I got mad and showed him that even 166cm small girls can have a really loud voice XD
I dislike Roppongi ~ simply not my town.

Here are the photos and now I'm off the Shibuya for the present hunting. Hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas shopping...or simply survive it.

First time I have seen the heart ~

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Hello from Tokyo ~

It's already pretty cold here. Everyone in Christmas mood? :)

I have arrived last week and since I'm a person who sleeps the whole time of the flight, I didn't have the chance to get any dinner or lunch in the air plane. Since I was so hungry when I arrived in Shibuya, Yoshi and I decided to eat some Ramen in a new shop close to our house. It was really tasty ~

The next day we had to go to Omotesando to get some things for Peko. Like almost all apartments here in Japan we just have an air conditioner in our room, no heater (= really cold...)
Although our dog is at home, we can't put on the AC the whole time and so we got him a heating pad to keep him warm. This is a much cheaper way than the AC.
The illumination along the Omotesando Hills is really beautiful. Here a little impression:

Afterwards we decided to visit one of our favourite Italian restaurants.

Peko's new coat~

And his heating pad+bed~

I love my neighbourhood...Fuji is always there like a big daddy XD

And today I was getting myself a nice outfit for Christmas...on 24th we will visit a German restaurant in Ginza and later check out some Christmas illumination.
I still need to buy a new jacket...hope to find a nice one next week.

Like most of you know, I am a huge fan of One Way, a 109-brand. Their clothes are really lovely. Here is the dress which I'm totally in love with...classy&elegant.

Please check out their webpage~

Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011


Hello ~

I'm already on my way back o Tokyo...I feel like I have spent two days in Germany...although I was here for one week, it was still too short.
I love my family. I have a perfect relationship to my parents and grandparents and while I was a university student I have visited them almost every two weeks although I have lived in a different town and needed two hours by train to get back home...
I'm never homesick since I feel Japan is already my home, but I'm sad that I can't visit them that often...especially starting from next year. Although my work as teacher offers four weeks holiday per year, it's only two weeks in summer and two weeks around Christmas...
The problem about living abroad and having a job is the balance between your life in the country you live in and your family back home. I have promised myself to visit my family at least twice per year...but I am afraid that I may won't come home before Christmas next year...which is simply sad.

But this week I have missed my boyfriend, my dog, my apartment and my life over there so much that I know I wouldn't be able to live in Germany again. And so I go "home", which makes me happy and excited.
Yoshi will wait at the bus station in Shibuya for me...I am so looking forward to give him a hug. Having someone waiting for you makes the wold different, huh ~  :)

Tonight I visited the Christmas market in Dortmund with my parents. I love Christmas in Germany...we've spent a nice time. Here are some photos.

See you guys in Tokyo ;)