Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Since I was too tired to prepare a dinner I simply got myself a fantastic BLT sandwich at the famous bakery close to the station...a great choice.

And I had some time to pimp my camera a little bit. One thing I enjoy about living in Japan is the freedom of decorationg every little thing which you own...while I was in junior high school, most people laughed about my old Nokia cell-phone which was covered with pink glitter stones...yes, totally trashy, but I was in love with it. Here in Japan most people try to individualize their things with decoration stuff...even when you're already far away from being a teenager.
Anyway, I love Disney. And so my camera made a little trip to the Wonderland...
Now I just need a cute case and I am ready for the next photo chances ~~

I was asked if I could make a photo at my work place...
sadly this isn't that easy since I rarely have a break time XD 
But here is a little impression of me at Starbucks ~

And my chibi Peko-kun and his tongue XD

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Today I've finally got my Re-Entry permission for my trip to Germany

(for those who don't know well about the Japanese visa system...if you want to leave Japan while having a work/study visa (e.g. Working Holiday visa) you need to get a Re-Entry permission beforehand at the Immigration Bureau. You have to say the date when you leave and when you will come back to Japan and they will make a notice in your passport. If you leave Japan without having a Re-Entry permission, your visa will expire...and you can enter Japan only with a visitors visa which doesn't allow you to stay for long and/or to work. So getting your Re-Entry is a really important thing if you plan to visit your family abroad or if you going on a trip~)

It took a long time...too long acutally. We were so tired in the end...and since we're were starving we went to the nearest Saizeria to enjoy some noodles XD
Later we had to buy some food for Peko. And while we passed by at Labi...I couldn't believe my eyes and fell in love ~ XD  One of the cameras which were on my Christmas wish list were in a Sale with incredible 70% off. The package of the camera was slightly damaged...but who cares about the package?! 
And so I was a bad girl and got myself a new camera today :) 
Since Yoshi's old one had some battery problems, it was really time for a change.

Steffi and I have tried those "Woopie Pies" some days ago...
They are love!! If you see a shop in have to go and buy some!

One week left until I will leave to Germany ~~ still plenty of things to do ^^"

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Hey guys ~~

I have spent a nice Saturday with Yoko, Steffi&Eri ~  2 times purikura on one day...I think I haven't taken two sets for almost four years XD

Today I had work until 7pm ~  and since Yoshi will come back home late due to his Christmas party at his work place, I was making myself some tasty salmon-spinach noodles and now I'm chilling with a nice movie. That's a great way to end a 7 hours work day ~~  actually tomorrow and the day after are my days off :)
In about 10 days I will visit my family in Germany for one week. I'm looking forward to the Christmas market so much ~ but it's still a strange feeling to go back to Germany for such a short time...

And some other nice news: Some days ago I was talking about a job as teacher with a salary of 3000Yen per first I thought I couldn't accept the offer, but happily the conditions have changed and...I will become a teacher at a new school which is just 30 minutes from my apartment.
My students are little kids and it's more like a child-care-centre, but I am really looking forward to it.
I will start in the middle of January. It's just part-time, but since the salary is really good I will finally able to realize some small wishes like buying stuff for our apartment or going shopping once a week :)
I'll continue working at Starbucks twice a week, too. In this way I will have at least 2200$ per month. Anyway, I will sign the contract on Friday. 2012 will bring some big changes ~~~

Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Hello ~~

Like some of my followers already know, I have a really big addiction of the combination of " citylights+sea". That's the reason why I love Odaiba, Yokohama and some other places here in Japan.
Yesterday the weather was amazing and we decided to check out Yokohama's Landmark Tower, the biggest building here in Japan. Although I have been to Yokohama plents of times, I have never been there ~ same as Yoshi.
I have to recommend you a shop called "Build a Bear-Workshop", where you can build your own teddy bear (you can find on the 5th floor of the Landmark Tower shopping centre). It's a little bit expensive. With clothes and all stuff about 6000 Yen, but such a cute idea for kids or couples. But since there wasn't much time left we had to stop the idea of making our "hip hop teddy" and visited the 69th floor...which was simply amzing. At the moment there is some kind of "One Piece" exhibition...I don't know well about this manga since the only two manga I have followed in the past are "Nana" and "Bokura ga ita", but it was a big fun to dress up and take some photos ~
Afterwards we had a nice rollercoaster-ride and a tasty dinner ~ and at 10.30pm we finally took the train back home.

Thanks a lot for the many comments of my last post. Sadly the Ukraine has started the official killing of the stray dogs yesterday...a new law says it's ok to kill cats and dogs with poisned food and/or burn them alive....
Happily the Facebook community is growing day by day and some big TV channels in Europe are planning to make some reports. Please don't stop writing to the newspaper of your home town or sending mails to the TV the moment not many people know about the killing in the Ukraine...but it's important that many people around the world know about this bloody background of the Eurofoot 2012...

Montag, 21. November 2011

This post isn't about something photos, no stories about Tokyo.

It's about something what really matters right now. I know a lot of people are following my blog and I just want them to take a look on the current situation in the Ukraine...
For the Eurofoot 2012 thousands of stray dogs are being killed right a cruel way.
I have already wrote to various newspapers, to TV channels and I'm also posting things on Facebook...let's give our best to make this public!
I believe as human beings we need to be "human"....and the Ukraine is showing right now that they're not ready to become a part of the EU yet!

Please help. Tell your friends, tell your school, the newspaper of your city, write to the TV channels.
We may can't save them...but we can try!
At the moment various organisations are trying to bring the dogs and cats to pet shelters. You can find more information if you use Google. They need your support.

German webpage:

American webpage:

For more information you can follow the Facebook community:!/Stop.Killing.Dogs.EURO2012

Killing for soccer...if we simply accept it, we already have lost our last sense of humanity.

Samstag, 19. November 2011

Wow, what a xxxxx weather O_O
I hope on Tuesday it will be better since Yoshi&I are planning to go shopping.

Anyway, I had to decline two job offers the past week...all of them were perfect...even the hourly salary of 3000 Yen ;_;  But sadly there is no visa sponsorship and so I need to find another school.

Last night we met Megumi, my sweet friend from Utsunomiya. While I was doing a home stay there, we became friends...almost 8 years ago :) We haven't met for four years. Now she's finally the boss of an interior shop in Yokohama :)

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Hello :)

The autumn has finally changed the colour of the leaves here in Tokyo.

On Tuesday Steffi and I had a walk in Yoyogi Park with Peko :) It was pretty cold, but we enjoyed the 2 hours.   (thanks a lot for the photos ^^)

This week was really busy for Yoshi since he had no day off. But between school and his part-time job, we still had some time to enjoy dinner together.

Tomorrow and Saturday are my days off ~~~  much love!!

And by the way...that's one of my cars XD ....not...

I love the glitter-glitter look of some cars in Shibuya...a lovely mix between trashy&stylish XD

Montag, 7. November 2011

Hello ~~

After having fever on Sunday and nearly sleeping 15 hours I' m fit again. Yoshi's virus got me XD

Last week Steffi was getting some stuff for her new apartment and we helped her out to get a Wi-Fi internet connection.
Afterwards we were going karaoke&went for a fantastic honey toast

This weekend I also had a wonderful date (hehehe...) with my ophthalmic hospital to get an eye check for my new contact lenses. And yes...Yoshi and I went together. Not because we have a strange addiction to go on doctor-dates together...he just needed new lenses too.
And yes guys ~  I'm blind XD I really mean it. Without my glasses (which I just wear at home) or my lenses I can't see NOTHING XD      

Anyway, I have used lenses from the same brand for almost 10 years now and it's time to get new and better ones.
Afterwards we had some great dinner at an Izakaya close to our house...

Here are some pics :)

Without contact lenses...

Finally with new lenses... XD