Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Hellllllloooooo  ~~~

Of course the weather was bad today ^^" So we changed our plan and just visited a cafe in Omotesando. Later we went to Donky Hot to get our kitchen shelf&were playing around in
Tokyo Hands XD 
Finally our kitchen is complete ~

Dans Omotesando has pretty tasty cake and a great terrace. We enjoyed chilling there for 2 hours.
If you're looking for a stylish and reasonable cafe, this one is my recommendation for the Harajuku/Omotesando area.


Saturday will be the Hanabi in our city and my beloved best friend from Germany will finally come over to Tokyo to start her career as teacher in Tokyo :) Steffiiiiii ~~  I'm waiting for you!!
So this Saturday&Sunday will be a huge pic spam ~~ ;)

Now ~~ sleeping time. Work is waiting for me!!

Montag, 26. September 2011

Today I had a fantastic night with Cori&Eri ~

Spent a great evening in MicroCosmus, a small modern Izakaya style restaurant in Shibuya with wonderful pan cakes :)

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

weekend for me♥

Yoshi came to Starbucks to pick me up with a bunch of flowers. How sweet....

Anyway, I'm free tomorrow and meet Cori&Eri :)  On Monday Yoshi&I are planning to go to Odaiba if the weather won't kill our plan again.

One problem about living  in Japan is not having enough space in your apartment. Kitchens and bath rooms are tiny.
I love to cook, but without a real oven it's pretty boring.
Now Yoshi and I got to know that his microwave has an oven option&and so I tried to make my first cake.
Since I wasn't sure if the oven will be able to take this challenge I didn't buy a baking dish and just put the cake in some kind of baking paper.
So the cake became pretty ugly...but sooo tasty!
I will try to make various cakes&cookies from now on ~~  and buy a real baking dish XD

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

Typhoon No. 15 was holding a big party in Tokyo yesterday.
Yoshi got a call from his teacher in the afternoon. Since most trains stopped around 3pm, his class was cancelled, too.
I had work at 5 pm and because I was worried that the bus will be late (normally I walk the 15 minutes...but it was simply too windy and rainy...) I already left the house around 4pm and waited at the bus stop just 15m away. But somehow no bus came and the wind was so strong that my umbrella said goodbye after 2 minutes....I became totally wet after seconds. I called Starbucks, telling them that I will be late. I waited for 30 more minutes, but when the bus stop sign flew away and a police man in rain coat told me to go home I gave up on my plan. Happily my boss called me and told me it's ok for me to take a day off.

What a crazy day! At 11pm the typhoon was over...giving us a wonderful clear night. Since we had no chance to go to the supermarket, we simply stopped at one of the 24-hours restaurants close to our house and had dinner.

Today we really wanted to go to Odaiba, but sadly the weather was still bad and so we decided to go on a shopping tour at Donky Hot, buying all necessary things for the next month.
At night we had a Yakiniku session and took purikura ~ a relaxed day.

Montag, 19. September 2011

Hello Mr. Typhoon...I am looking forward to see you on Wednesday XD

Sadly a typhoon will cross Tokyo on Wednesday/Thursday...Thursday is the holiday of my bf&me ^^" Hope the rain won't be too strong...

Anyway, today I visited sweet Eri in Shinjuku. We had a fantastic chilling time&she made the best dinner for me :)  I've brought some cake from a famous bakery close to Futako-Tamagwa station.
Great design, fantastcic taste.

I also played with her cat Chobi. Sadly I have a bad cat allergy and get teary&red eyes whenever I spend too much time with one in the same room...happily my allergy reaction wasn't that bad and I totally fell in love with her.

Here are the pics :)

Samstag, 17. September 2011

My work starts in about two hours, but I've found some time for a blog entry.

The packet from my family has finally arrived. Now I'm blessed with tons of German food&Yoshi is the happiest guy on earth since he got his beloved German chocolate... XD

Today Yoshi's special course at university has started. The public official course prepares students/non-students for the difficult public official test which is hold every May in whole Japan. Many jobs in Japan are limited through special examinations&that means Yoshi need to pass the examination in May to get the job.
Mostly the course is three~five times a week around 6pm for 2 hours. Since the test covers all fields of general education, Yoshi studies various things from math to Japanese history.

Yesterday Yoshi's work started at 6pm and so we decided to try out the American restaurant close to our work place which offers cheap lunch sets. It was so tasty!!

Happy Child XD

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Helloooooo ~

Today&tomorrow are my days off from work.
At first I was thinking to meet up with Eri, my lovely Japanese friend who already had her debut on this blog in July.  But since a packet from Germany will arrive until 7pm I need to stay here ( I already missed it three times&if I won't be here today it will return...noooooooo....) .
Sadly her work has holiday on Saturday&Sunday, so we can't meet that often since I mostly work on weekends...
But next week's Monday will be ok for dinner :) 

Enjoying dinner at La Pausa Shinjuku some days ago ~
Anyway...I'm still waiting for the packet to arrive XD
I used this free day to clean the apartment, play with Peko-kun&enjoy a long walk with him.
Tomorrow morning I have some work, but if Yoshi and I will be lucky we're free after 3~4pm. We really want to go to Odaiba with Peko-kun ~~ ^o^ Beach time!

Beautiful sunset behind our apartment...I love those carefree days :)

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

I am just  getting ready for work~ I love to work in the afternoon instead of lunch time. Not so many people ~ very good!

Yesterday was our holiday.
We have always planned to visit Enoshima, which is very close to Kamakura and a pretty small island near Yokohama.
There are plenty of things to do there&the view is simply amazing.
So we decided to rent a car&go on a trip. Happily we have a really cheap Rent-a-Car-Shop close to our house. For just 3500Y you get a car for 12 hours. A great deal.

It was really hot&at first we wanted to check out the island and then go to the beach. Sadly the time went by so fast&we just ended up at the beach in the evening...a great sun set was in front of us, but since we needed to return the car until 9pm, we had to go back really soon.
Next summer we plan to spend a whole day on the beach, finally in the right clothes ;)

The island has many little shrines&we visited all of them. All in all, we walked for almost four hours to explore the whole island. And so many wild cats ~~everywhere they were chilling in the sun or getting some food&water from the visitors.

We also visited the tower on the top of the island and had a fantastic view. Later we had a snack at the famous Waffle Cafe close to it. It was so tasty...much better than any waffle I have eaten in Tokyo.


Our next big trip will be to Disneyland in October :)  Can't wait ~~~
In 2 weeks will be the big Hanabi in our city&we both seem lucky and got some time off in the evening.

Now: Off to work ~

Hope you guys enjoying the last hot summer days, too!