Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

It seems the Halloween trend is getting bigger here in Japan. Today there were a lot of Halloween parties for families&kids and many people were wearing costumes.

Well ~ Steffi and I had a club night yesterday. My first real Halloween in Tokyo since the past years I was either sick or a typhoon destroyed my clubbing night XD It was amazing ~ great music, nice people. We already entered Club Camelot in Shibuya around 10pm...normally we arrive around 0.30am ~ but  there was a "Ladies free until 11pm"-special ;)
Sadly poor Yoshi was sick and had to stay at it was a real Ladies Night :)  We've got to know nice girls and stayed almost five hours, returing home with a taxi around 3 am.
I had to work today...and also finished (deadly tired) one homework for graduate school...but even though I am looking forward to my bed right was totally worth it XD

My two sick with fever&the other sleepy like always
Choco-Cheesecake...ohhh yesss....

That's my way to finish a homework... XD

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Hello ~
We had a nice evening in Disney Land :)  Although I have to admit that I prefer Disney Sea ;)
It was a really warm night for October, but the wind was a little bit strong. Sadly it was reall crowded and we spent 2 hours waiting in total XD  Well...that's Disneyland Tokyo... XD

I am looking forward to the Halloween party this weekend ^^

Anyway, here are some pics ~

View from our balcony ~

LOL XD Takumi's outfit for Halloween...

My sweet baby ~~

And Disneyland ~~

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Steffi&me last week ~
Hello and goodbye holiday  ;)

Today was our day off. Somehow we managed to sleep until late afternoon ^^"
This wasn't our plan since we wanted to go to the Ghibli museum today...anyway, it was too late to do this and since next week we will visit Disneyland we changed our plan.
We visited Pet Paradise, since Peko's winter coat is nowhere to find...since the nights are getting colder, he is already showing his unhappy face when we go for a walk at night. When we saved him from the terrible pet shop where he has spent his first five months, he was in a terrible condition and even today he is weak against cold weather&rain...I really hate people who dress up their dogs for fun, but sadly Peko needs a jacket in winter to prevent him from getting a cold.
Although we have managed to change his weight from 1kg (!!!!)
to 1,9kg (!), he is still tiny and finding the right jacket for him takes a lot of time. Happily we have found the perfect one against wind&rain ~  I hope with this jacket we can motivate him for  a walk even on cold winter days ;)

Close to the shop there was a small Matsuri. After that we just went back and checked out the restaurants close to our station. We decided to eat Japanese and enjoyed a fantastic ShabuShabu dinner. Afterwards Yoshi showed me the cutest Cafe's pretty expensive there, but we've spent more than three hours talking and enjoying fantastic cakes&coffee.

I am looking forward to Disneyland soooo much :) Well, at first... work is waiting for me ;)
Halloween is already everywhere in Tokyo XD

Mr. Waffle Shop ~~  :)

ShabuShabu LOVE!

I'm totally into cheesecake...

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

What a beautiful October day ~
Sunny, was fantastic to walk home after work.

Anyway, my university has started. I have finally obtained the whole material for the Open University classes. I had some problems in September, since the university made a mistake with my graduation certificate...they wanted me to do a BA degree instead of the Master ^^" Sorry guys...I already have one... XD
Now everything is ok, but sadly most of the books arrived really late. I will become busy starting from next week...two homeworks in front of me.

In one class I need to make a blog about some topic with an educational sciences background...any idea? XD  At the moment I'm thinking to make a blog offering some information about graduate schools in Japan which have some degree courses in English...

On Monday it was Yoshi's and my day off. Yoshi really wanted to buy some boots and a new jeans&so went to Shibuya in the late afternoon. He was lucky and got some nice things.

Later we had dinner&a nice chill-out at Frames!


Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

I'm chilling in bed while the aircon is heating up my room. Finally autumn is here ~

Friday was really nice. Steffi and I had a good time in Shibuya& fun with Yoko. Later that night Yoshi&I went to a really great 1hour-karaoke-session...

In a few days will be Halloween. I'm already thinking about a good costume. Hope I can get a holiday then to enjoy the night.

Next week I am thinking to buy my airplane ticket back to Germany. I'm planning to stay for about five ~ seven days in the beginning of December.

Our bike XD We've finally bought it! XD

Yoko Baby XD