Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Yo ~

Yesterday I went to Shinagawa to clear my Visa problems...well, I obtained a normal tourist visa which means : No work  -_-  But I can stay in Japan until Apri ~  (which is pretty sensless since I need to return in January anyway..) I shouldn`t have trusted the Japanese embassy about this whole Visa thing...
Afterwards I met Cori (@Blogger: Baby Pink, Baby) ~ been such a long time ^^ And later hang out with Kathi&her boyfriend ^o^
We ate yakiniku and I nearly destroyed an electronic massage stick at Donky XD
I waited some time at Tsutaya and realized that I need a white winter coat ;-;  I love my white poncho a lot, but it will be really cold in winter and I don`t have any warm clothes in my closet ^^;
I also took some minutes to look inside the "Mama" magazine which always shocks me in many fanatic 35 years old who wear clothes like they`re still 18....but :  I love children and some of the kids` models are sweet as apple pie. Although the part of dressing up kids for special events amused me...those boys look like kindergarten hosts XD

Today I spend time with my bf and if this xxxxxxxxxx rain is stopping we will head over to Harajuku to check out some cell phones. No Disney Sea since it`s simply cold and raining like it`s the end of the world. Next month for sure ~



  1. oh ja weiße winter mäntel sind toll. ich hab mir letztes jahr auch einen geleistet ^^

    der poncho steht dir übrigens voll gut und ich liebe deine tasche :)

  2. @ Connys World
    Danke ^^
    Yep...ich hab nur nen schwarzen weil die weissen Maentel in Deutschland oft so billig gemacht sind. Aber ich hab schon drei im Auge die ich mal anprobieren werde.

    Used Shops bieten recht viel Auswahl an LV Sachen. Leider ist meine schon recht mitgenommen, aber das ist ok ;) Hat eben schon viel erlebt.

  3. I'm sorry to hear the embassy was making visa troubles for you. Visas seem complicated, but they shouldn't make it more difficult for you ><

    Yeah, it gets rather cold in Japan at winter. I'm sure some women will suffer for fashion and wear ponchos when it's too cold anyway.

    Hmm, I though most gyaru mama are like in their 20s since they had kids so young (generally). I can't say much, because I'm sure I will dress young when I'm 35 haha! I think it's nice to dress kids properly, but those outfits are too much even a special event to me haha. Kids aren't fashion accessories! haha

  4. @さらまり
    Yeah ~  It`s a little bit annoying but in this way I have more time to preapre thing for my BA thesis...
    I`m just a little bit mad since the whole visa thing was about 7000Yen... :(

    Yes ^^ I also don`t want to look like a conservative mum. I think fashion is really important&I can`t see myself without going shopping ♥♥♥
    But for the school festival of my 7 years old son I wouldn`t wear a mini-dress which shows my hot pants XD I think a little bit common sense is important. Especially since foreigners have already a hard position to get accepted...
    Looking slutty is a no-go here...
    I have worked for Japanese schools and I know Japanese mums can be freakin` horrible if it comes to things like tolerance.
    Gyaru mamas who are trying to hard to keep their style from their high school days haved ended up being pregnant by accident...or try to keep the guy. The children end up as fashion accessories (well said!♥) and most of the girls are immature (even though they`re 30+).
    The sister of one of my friends is in the same situation. The father of her son is a host, she ended up being pregnant while he played around with some other women. He gave her 1.000.000Yen and she promised him to never get in contact with him again. Now she`s living with her family. She also took some photos for the "Mama" magazine, but all in all she sits at home, jobless and lonely. Once she told me that all those stories in this magazine and even some of those models` kids are made-up. Behind those purikura-like photos is a sad reality of the broken Japanese youth...
    I have seen a few stylish couples who seemed to be great parents to their children, but somehow I often see the opposite of women who are simply exhausted by their kids and doing their shopping rounds all by as compensation for their loneliness.

    I think it`s great presenting fashion for young mums. But for me this magazine is a little bit too much ;) Although it`s interesting to take a look inside it.

    And now I have to check out your blog update ♥

  5. Dein weißer Poncho ist so toll! *___*
    Schau dir mal meinen letzten Post an. Ich habe dir einen Award verliehen! ^^