Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

 Hellllooooo ~ from rainy Tokyo ~
Starting next week I will attend the Starbucks Barista School close to Shibuya for four days and afterwards I join the shop in Futako ~
Today I have to talk about some things regarding my uniform and so on and now I'm waiting for my boss to call me :)

Last night Yoshi and I had some free time and we decided to eat Yakiniku. Afterwards we had some fun in the game centre close by. Purkira, shooting games and...a drum game.
Yoshi was a member of a band for almost three years and all of his friends are saying his skills are awesome. I didn't believe his friends' words until last night when he played the drum game XD It was the first time to see him playing. He had to leave his drum set back in his home town when he moved to Tokyo.

Only few days left until our summer holiday in Kochi starts...I'm SO looking forward to it.

Peko, the Killer XD

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Yahoo ~
Today we were lucky and there was a small Matsuri close to our house. All kids were running around in Yukata&there was a Bon-Dance, too :)
By the way... I have finally decided which job I will do this summer and the days until I have got used to Open University: I will become a staff at Star Bucks :) 
Just 10 minutes from my apartment away. I will start this Friday ^-^  This week I need to organize stuff for my university, get a Japanese bank account&think about which classes I will choose...can't wait.
When I know the exactly work load of my classes I may change the job and take one of the offers of the various schools around. But until time XD

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

   Hello ~ 
We have finally moved into our dream apartment and we also got internet today. At the moment I'm busy with job interviews, so no time for big updates.
The past two days it's raining since a huge typhoon is crawling along the coast of Japan. But it was a nice break from the summer heat.
Hope you guys have a nice summer holiday ^-^ I will make a photo update about the new furniture which we have bought at Donky Hot XD  Yes...somehow Donky had the best stuff and even defeated IKEA and Nidori XD 

We have so many ideas...but it will take months to realize them since it'll cost a little...

My new chill-out Staba ~~~

Mc Flurry at the station around 2 am...nice :)

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

The past 10 days have been busy as hell and I didn`t have any chance to make an update...but now I have finally some time to answer mails&write a blog entry.

At first: After visiting 15 various apartments we realized that it`s nearly impossible to find a modern, pretty, pet-ok apartment which is in a good location...
In the end we we were thinking to give up...our limit was 120.000 Yen (1200$) and most of the apartments were dirty, old and not really a place where you want to live...until we have found the one
This apartment house was completeted last month, located in the beautiful Futako-Tamagawa, just 20 minutes from Shibuya. In the front of our house we have a huge park and the pretty riverbend. And the station offers three huge shopping malls, including a cinema and various restaurants.
All in all, it`s too good to be true.

Anyway, we will move in on Monday :)  This has killed our bank account, but it`s worth it.

Yoshi got us some`s too hot here.
I also have some job interviews next week. I hope I can find a nice job close to my station. I need to buy a bicycle, too...
In the past days I had the chance to meet my dear friend Eri, who has been my friend for almost 4 years now. Her family lives in Fukushima and so we had a lot to talk about...anyway, we will meet again very soon.

Since Yoshi and I had to do some paper stuff for the new apartment we have already checked out our new home and the area around...I think we will love it here :)

LOL XD Peko.... for one day...just one $__$

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

I'm on my way back to Tokyo :)

I've got some awesome presents from my family including a nice dinner in a typical German restaurant...
I will miss them all. I still have a feeling that I will come back in autumn and attend university like in the past 3 years...but it's finally over and a new life is waiting in front of me. It would be a lie if I say that I'm not afraid...I'm excited and nervous, wondering if everything will be part-time job, my Master-degree at the Open University...
Ah, by the way~ I've finally made a decision against Waseda. I was in love with the idea of going to an elite-university, but there are things in my life which are more precious to boyfriend&our free time together, visiting my family in Germany at least two times a year...I know it was also a decision against a high salary, but I don't want to work 60 hours a week without having time to enjoy things. Life is really short and even though I won't have the most expensive car, the biggest apartment, the best brand mark fashion...I have my freedom, which is invaluable.
In October I will start to study eEducation at the Open University^.^v  eEducation is a mix of modern media&education. I'm looking forward to it ~

I've taught my mother how to use Facebook and her E-Mail account, which is pretty amusing since she isn't into computer at all. My father is on business trips sometimes and on these days we always have used the telephone to stay in contact (not cheap at all...), but from now on she can contact me through FB&E-Mail XD  Sweet.

In about 24 hours I will already arrive in Narita. I think I will update on Wednesday ^-^b

Wish you a nice summer holiday ~~