Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Finally I'm not a student anymore...I've obtained my degree in Educational Sciences on Monday ^-^
The oral examination was somehow a big fail though XD XD  Anyway, doesn't matter. My grades of the whole eight semester are all around A~A+, so there is no problem at all.

Happyyyyyy ~~

I will continue my education with a Master-degree and so I'll be a student for two more years...but : It's a nice feeling to be free XD

I also have five job interviews next week. I had an interesting Skype interview with one of the biggest private organizations for exchange students in Japan today morning. It sounds so nice to help out in the office and with their exchange students who will go to Germany after summer vacation...I will get some more information at the second interview in Tokyo next week. It seems they also looking for people who will continue working for them...which would be my big chance.
Wish me luck (●´ω`●)ゞ

Now I'm off to get my nails done and meet Steffi for coffe  ^-^

5 days left...can't wait :)

Montag, 27. Juni 2011

I will have my final oral examination around 11.30am tomorrow aaaaannndddd theeeeeennn....
I will obtain my Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Sciences ^-^
And the best thing: I will visit the Japanese embassy to take my Working Holiday visa home :) Nice!

One week left until I'll return to Japan

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Ok ~  I'll return to Tokyo on July 4th ^o^  Peko's reservation was no problem at all, too . Nice
My parents enjoy a short trip to Spain. Since my grandparents have an apartment on the first floor of our house, I will go for a fantastic waffle snack made by grandma XD 


Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Hello ~

Steffi and I had our last seminar yesterday. We had an oral examination which was pretty always.
In about 10 days I will have the final oral examination. Freedom ~

I've already talked with some people about the "Open University" idea which came in my mind some time ago. We have a really famous Open University in Germany and they also offer various opportunities for graduate school students. Here a short explaination about Open Universities: You don't need to attend classes. If you have an examination, you simply go to the German embassy, a partner university or a German school , so you can study world-wide. Every semester you get all books&papers via E-Mail and letter, so you study at home without the stress of getting to class in time while you're working.
Normally Open Universities are for students who are already working and don't have the time to attend university classes, but who are interested in obtaining another degree.
And the best point about it:  It costs about 1500$ for a Master-degree...incredibly cheap.
Since I will do my Working Holiday, a Master-degree at an Open University would be an option. But of course I really want to go to Waseda. I've always dreamt of becoming a student at Waseda and enjoying the nice atomsphere at the Campus ~  but if you think about the tuition fee...well, living in Tokyo is already expensive like hell, so I'm wondering if I can make it without losing the living standard of Yoshi&I. I know he will support me, but we want to make holiday in Hawaii, visit his family, buying a car, new furniture...
Since I have sold all of my furniture of my apartment in Germany when I left for Japan in 2009, I only own a coffee machine XD I've sold simply everything and so we still need to get a lot of new stuff. Both of us want a nice apartment...and this isn't easy if you don't have the money to get nice decorations&all the stuff...
At the moment the Open University is my b) plan ~
Last weeks I realize that I don't have much time left to decide about my future...I'm getting nervous day by day. The past 6 years I have lived to be the best in class, get all possible scholarships...I want to do a Master-degree so badly, but I don't want a far distance relationship for 2 years . Studying in Germany in no option at all. I need to find a combination of Japan&Master-Degree and this seems a little bit more complicated than I have thought two years ago...

Anyway~  I've checked out bags for Peko ~
Finding the right bag seems nearly impossible. So I need to call Lufthansa tomorrow and ask which bag they prefer. I haven't expected that all airlines tell something different...I mean, I don't see a  big difference in a bag which is 55cm or 54cm long... ^^"

I've got again many mails. Thanks ~ I know I've promised to make a guide about my favourite places in Tokyo...I'm sorry, this will take some more time. Please wait for it! :)

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Mr. Mini-Dog ~

The books for my BA-thesis...

I'm sorry for my lack of updates in the past days...

Most of you know that I live in a really small city in Germany and here is NO action at all.
Here a tiny overview about the biggest hightlights in the last week:

  •  I've finally made it and hand in my BA-thesis ~I will have my final oral examination on June 27th ~

  • I've applied for the Working Holiday visa ~ and I can take my passport+visa home around next week
  • I'm preparing for my final test on Thursday ~ I need to make an presentation about the emotional and social aspects of robots in Japan ~ if it's immoral to develop humanoid robots etc ~  and the reason why Japanese people are open-minded if it comes to topics like humanoid robots in care centres and so on ~strange topic for a social studies major, huh? I was surprised.
  •  I'm looking for an airplane ticket back to Japan...sadly I'm still confused if I should buy it or not...  I'm afraid that my university is making a mistake (again!) and they change the date or my teacher will be sick...if this happens and the date is set on the day when I plan to go back to Tokyo it means I would lose my airplane ticket (1000$), since no insurance is covering in such a I need to call my university office on Tuesday and ask about the situation and if it's ok if I already buy the ticket...complicated...

Anyway, I'm planning to return to Tokyo on July 4th. This time I won't use JAL since the tickets are incredibly expensive. I think I return with Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines. And Peko will be allowed to travel in the cabine with me. I just need to get a new bag for him ~

I can't wait to return to Tokyo...this summer will be so nice... ^o^ Yoshi will also have two holidays when I we can spend some time without his busy job ^___^
I want my life bag ;_; Spending time with Facebook isn't really the life I have dreamt of XD
Well, three weeks...just three weeks...I try to hold on XD

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

I've made it ~

I will hand in my thesis tomorrow and start the preparations for leaving Germany...and this time with (maybe) no return ~
I'm excitied and happy. Yoshi and I are planning so many things...visiting his family in summer, our new will be a whole new life. I can't wait :)

I have some new photos and I will make an update tomorrow.