Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

Somehow the weather rain the whole day  +_+  Since we expected hardcore rain we just slept until noon, went to Softbank to get Yoshi`s IPhone and then headed to Shibuya to buy a case for his new favourite toy. We decided to take some purikura. Since my keitai is a simple prepaid one (=no internet) and his IPhone address wasn`t activated yet we couldn`t download here are crappy photos of them XD
Maybe I have the chance to get a scanner someday soon....

While we chilled at the game centre, we found a cute Stitch...and just after 2 times we were lucky! The biggest losers of UFO Catchers ever really got a big Stitch XD  We were so happy about it like children who are getting their Christmas presents XD
Anyway, it`s our baby now ^^

And later we ate yakiniku and relaxed at home ~ watched TV and now it`s time to go to bed.
I wonder if I go out tomorrow....but it seems a typhoon is crossing my plans ;-;

Halloweeeeeeeennnnn...I wanna go to a Halloweeeeeeennnnnnnn partyyyyyyyy ~~


  1. you guys are such a cute couple!

  2. great pics, love the design of your blog !
    it is soooo cool :D

    xo lala

  3. @Lala
    Thanks ~ I will follow you ^_^