Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

May 2010 ~
Today my dear Kathi has started her blog ~  Please follow her, too ^o^

Today we had a chilli-day at Sangenjaya. We ate dinner together, hang out hours at Mister Donuts and then went to Donky to check out some Halloween costumes since we are planning to go out this weekend. Sadly the Sangjya Donky don`t have the same stuff like the one in Shibuya and so I will buy all things on Wednesday or Friday ~

Some people asked me how the heater for my hamster looks like XD
Well, it`s simply a small heater made out of plastic. It`s made for animals, so water and biting resistant.
Tomorrow I`m off to the immigration office and bank ~

Since this post is already including a pet heater, here a pic of Kobayashi and his sweet baby ~ can`t wait to get a dog next year...

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  1. hamster heater? wie geil ist das denn ^^

    ich mag deinen blog :)