Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Yesterday Cori&her Austrian friend&I were at Pasella to enjoy Tokyo`s best Honey Toast ~
Actually they have a Hachiko-Shibuya version which is sooooo cute :)

Cori`s sweet Valentine`s present for me :)

Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

The spring is finally here~~~

We had 20 degrees yesterday and decided to visit Odaiba in the afternoon.
What a wonderful day :)  Although I nearly lost my wallet and cell phone, but that`s another story...  XD

I haven`t get any E-Mail from my university according the scholarship...I really hope I will get some news soon. We need to change the apartment soon...everyday is a risk. If they discover that Peko is living with us we will be in huge troubles...

Big smileeee ~~

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

These days the weather is so fine ~ so we changed our plan of going shopping in Shibuya and made a loooooong walk to Shimokitazawa since Yoshi wanted to eat "special cheese cake" with me. I had no idea until we had entered the Cafe. Cafe North Side has the BEST cheese cake ever ~

We checked out some apartments, had some coffee and dinner at Saizeriya&relaxed.Later we went to Setagaya Koen together. Nobody was there...pretty romantic sitting there and watching how the first stars said "hello Tokyo" ~
All in all a 8km walk XD  But it was so nice. I`m longing for spring :)

At one book store we had a short stop since I was looking for a book with Kanji. My Kanji level is still beginner&I want to improve my skills since I have two more weeks holiday and nothing to do XD

My Facebook Friends will know about this already, but Peko-kun has caught a cold. He is sneezing a lot, also coughing. Since he is eating his food&is playing I don`t think it`s that worse. I`m not a fan of over-reactions and I barely go to visit a docotor if I have caught a cold, but today morning Peko`s eyes were a little bit dry and teary...I know a lot of チワワ dogs have those problems. Although he is a mix, his Chi-gens are really strong, but I have a strange feeling those teary eyes are caused through his cold. So I will visit the doctor with him today and later I will meet Kerstin for a hang-out in Shibuya ~~

My parents will come to Tokyo in 2 weeks and so I need to make a kind of plan where to go and what to do ~ I`m looking forward to hang out with them in my city ~

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

My boyfriend took a day off for me :)  Nice start. Today we`re thinking to relax and go out out with Peko-kun. He needs a longer walk ~
The Waffle Cafe was ok, but I have expected something more beautiful for 900 Yen XD  But it was nice to relax there. And the Parfait at Dennys was a nice sweet ending of a good day with Cori&her friend.


Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Hey guys ~~~

At first, thanks a lot for following me. I was shocked when I saw the number "77" ~ I haven`t checked the number of the followers for the past months and so it was a nice suprise. Well, if we hit the golden "100" I`ll think of some kind of suprise for you :)

Actually I don`t have much time now since I`m heading off to Shimokitazawa to eat waffles with Cori ~ and I still haven`t prepared my outfit or anything. I LOVE Shimokitazawa. Since I live in Sangenjaya, it`s really close and I just have to take the bus for 7 minutes to go there.
I will try to take many photos although the weather seems bad today... =  no photo mood  XD

Yesterday we had a small "German"meeting in Shibuya. Kerstin, Katrin&I enjoyed some hours at Starbucks. It was really nice and we have to repeat this session again :)

At night Yoshi and I had to do some necessary shopping. I`m crazy about having wonderful smelling laundry and in the past I have checked various Japanese softeners. Since the Japanese washing machines are really old school (not hot water!) and we dry our laundry outside the smell is really imperceptible...which is something I can`t stand. I need the bloomy smell of fresh laundry in my closet! 1000% power smell. I`m a junkie in such things...and so after buying other softeners the past two months I came back to`s my No.1 and although the price is killing me (800Yen/bottle, at Donky Hot sometimes 500Yen) I can`t live without it XD
Afterwards we had some dinner and relaxed at home ~

Ok, I`m getting late XD  

Odaiba 2010 ~~ Peko`s eyes are LOL!
I`ve found this purikura yesterday XD

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Today I had a nice chill-out day with Kathi ~ Sangenjaya is such a wonderful place to live. We have all kinds of restaurants and somehow we made a Denny`s-Starbucks-Mister Donuts round.
Soon Kathi`s year in Japan is fast the time has passed by... ;_;
I can`t believe how we have changed in this year...
3 years ago we have spent our nights clubbing and now we became such good girls ;)

I love those bears at Mister Donuts!! So cute ~~

Maybe Yoshi has holiday tomorrow. We want to go somewhere nice then since the weather will be fine in the afternoon ^^

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

♥♥ Chilling at home~~  

Peko is still at the pet hotel since we decided to go out last night. Karaoke, little bit shopping&dinner. 

It started to snow around 6pm and we were shocked HOW much it was snowing.  It killed my hair style and our way back home was quite funny since the streets were so slippery.
After a short time the streets in Tokyo were covered by a white blanket. I remember last year in February there was one night where it was snowing a little, but last night was really a big surprise. We made a short stop at Tsutaya, wanted to rent "The Lady&the tramp" since we were in the mood for a sweet and cute Disney movie. Valentine`s kitsch XD
Sadly it was out of stock and so we went for a Horror movie XD (what an alternative! But it was pretty good...) 
My mother&father are thinking to visit Tokyo in March for about  10 days.  I was quite surprised about it since they prefer laying in the sun whole day in Spain or Thailand, but since they have never been to Japan before, they want to give it a try. Since Yoshi`s work is really busy, he couldn`t visit Germany and so it will be their first meeting. You can imagine how nervous he is ^^;  He is already thinking about getting a whole new outfit. Anyway, I will get to know about their arrival date this week. I`m pretty looking forward to it, since we will make a lot of trips&it`s time to enjoy some traditional culture things instead of Shibuya everyday.
I hope I will get to know about my scholarship in the end of February...we want to change the apartment as soon as possible. When my parents arrive I don`t want to carry Peko all day with me. And the pet hotel is only for special days since he is a family member and I don`t want to give him away that often. 
 Here are some purikura ~~  
Pair cups

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Happy St. Valentine

My dear friend Aya`s marriage was last week. Sadly I was still in Germany and couldn`t attend the party. They went to Hawaii for Honeymoon ~~ Nice! I still remember our wild party nights and suddenly she is married! How time has passed by...last week you were still in school, thinking about how your first love will be like and suddenly everyone around you has finished university, is getting married or already have some babies...

Peko-kun on tour XD
Shibuya station always seems very interesting tohim. 

Yoshi has holiday on Tuesday and we`re thinking to go somewhere to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day. Maybe we will end up in Yokohama.
I have bought cute couple cups for us. I will take a photo tomorrow. And since I was busy with university&my last report until Sunday, I simply bought chocolate for him at one of the best chocolate shops in Germany. Never expected paying so much for chocolate, but today I tased one piece and I was amazed XD It`s incredibly tasty.
Next year I will finally live in a bigger apartment&I`ll have an oven to make cake, cookies and all other things ~ Can`t wait! 
Here in Japan everyone is crazy about Valentine`s Day. The boys can`t wait to get tons of chocolate, the girls having so much pressure that they`re starting fights in the department store for the best chocolate boxes or cutest Valentine card (that`s exactly what has happened to me Anyway, I`m not a big fan of this and so Yoshi is my first Valentine in my life XD   St. Valentine was the anniversary day of my ex-boyfriend and me&so we have celebrated this day a little bit different.
Anyway...I hope he will like my chocolate :)  I`m happy to be back in Japan to spend this day with him.

Here are some photos of the masterpieces