Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Good morning ~ 

Since I`m back here I`m full of energy.  I get up every morning at 8am to eat breakfast with my bf, then I do some housework and try to go out before 11am XD   Normally I`m the type who won`t get up before 3pm... XD

Anyway....yeah, the past days went by so quickly...I`m surprised about it. Yoshi and I went shopping on Friday. Although it was our anniversary, we had to do some shopping instead of going to Disneyland (we will go there in 2 weeks, so no problem about that XD). We still sleep in a single bed and so we bought a double bed and some things for our apartment. He is treating me really nice and trying to cover all my expenses since he feels regretful that I had to buy the airplane ticket to come back to Japan...but there is no need for it. I would have come back to him even if I had to swim or walk the way back. But I`m glad that he`s that thoughtful and sweet ^^ 

Yesteday I met Yoko, Teru&Masa. The German J-group XD (all of them have lived in Germany or they`re half, so that`s why ^_-)  We hang out in Masa`s store for a while (which has some really cool stuff, so please check it out ~ it`s close to Laforet Harajuku), then Yoko had a date with a hairstylist and we went to Daikanyama. She got her beloved extensions... (and I want some, too >o<). Yoshi finished work earlier that day to eat dinner with me and so we chilled at home and watched some TV.

Glamour, Baby  XD

Today I`m planning to go to the beach ~ and tomorrow I need to go to the Immigration Office...not really amused about it  -_-

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