Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

A few days left until my summer holiday starts...I bet all of you can imagine how happy I am XD

Yoshi's familly sent 5kg food, including a big cooling pillow for Peko. Instead of the pillow, Peko loves the box...until today I wasn't able to throw it away since our dog thinks he's a cat...

Nadine&I went to to the Sumidagawa Hanabi on Saturday. It was so crowded...here a little impression:

But we were also able to see some beautiful Maiko, sadly I was just able to get a photo from their backside since they were hurrying to their next customer.

I totally love Kimono&Yukata. I adore Japanese women with their black hair, their slender body encased in a colourful fabric...it's so feminine. It's suit them so perfectly that I always wonder why I even own a yukata...
I saw many beautiful couples that night&I can't wait for the Hanabi in Futako :)
So here are some stalker photos (hope the girls&boys don't mind XD) , because I think the backside is the most beautiful side of a yukata.

Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Too hot!
One week left until summer holiday

Steffi is now in Germany to visit her family. I wish her a wonderful time&I can't wait to her in three weeks again :)

Yoshi&I wanted to visit the Sumidagawa Hanabi but we somehow made a mistake with the date...yeah ^^" Yoshi wasn't able to get a day off today...so I will go there today with one of my friends from Düsseldorf who is here for a short visit :)

Since we were really sad about the Hanabi-thing we decided to go to Enoshima to get a nice summer feeling at the beach.
Sadly it was really crowded and so we just stayed for two hours. But anyway, a nice evening!

Mini-Peko XD

And some photos from the last days ~

Peko is too cute while he's sleeping...like a doll XD

Steffi gave me this Stitch towel...my favourite Disney character! Thank you!

Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

A rainy weekend is making me lazy and bored...
I still hope I can get out and meet Steffi for a coffee ^o^

Monday, Tuesday&Wednesday we have special event days at my school, so it'll be pretty busy. These days I'm feeling kind of sleepy and tired...seems my body is longing for a long&relaxing holiday.

We have finally booked our flights back to Germany. On December 21st we will go back for a two weeks vacation+our 2nd wedding party. It's the first time for Yoshi to go to Europe and he is pretty excited. Since Peko will join, we had no choice and had to get tickets from Lufthansa which allows pets in the cabine. All in all, we had to pay 250.000Yen...we're broke now ^^"  But payday is coming next week... XD This year will be pretty expensive because of the two wedding parties&our trip to Germany. Next year we want to save some money for a car....and we are also thinking to rent a small house instead of an apartment. If you leave the Tokyo area and look around Kanagawa you can find beautiful small houses with free parking space for the same price as our apartment now. Would be so nice to have a house with a big balcony or even a small garden :)

And Peko&me after a short walk along the Tama River ^-^


Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

33C°...it was so hot today!
About two weeks left until summer vacation starts...finally! :)

On Sunday we met Ryota. We haven't met for almost two years, so it was a really nice evening with tasty Okonomiyaki. We got to know each other some years ago and we also hang out in Germany while I was a university student , so we had a lot of nice memories to talk about. All of us have graduated university &we also have our first full-time jobs...times passes by so fast!
On Saturday Steffi&I were thinking to visit a Hanabi,  but since it was really far away (somewhere in the deep of Kanagawa), we just changed our plan and visited Shibuya for a round of coffee.
Steffi bought a new Yukata, which looks totally lovely

(Etwas an die deutschen Leute hier: Steffi hat noch zwei sehr schöne Yukata daheim in Deutschland zu Verkauf. Beide wurden nur einmal getragen. Einmal in weiß/pink, der andere in schwarz/violett. 

Die Größe ist Standard, also für Frauen zwischen 155cm bis 175cm. Da sie ab Ende nächster Woche eh in Deutschland ist, könnt ihr bei Interesse ein Kommi mit eurer E-Mail-Adresse bzw Kontaktdaten wie Facebook hinterlassen und Steffi schickt euch Fotos und eine genaue Beschreibung zu ^-^ )

Happy Yoshi is happy XD He went shopping for summer clothes...byebye 30.000Yen ^^"

I love my doggy (;_;)

Tomorrow my school has 6 month-anniversary. It's been a great time. Being a teacher at a new school is a wonderful thing. Everyone is motivated&totally positive. I will bring a cake since I love celebrating every little thing. If you celebrate the many good things around you, you will forget the bad days with a smile.

Und an Kathi: Alles Liebe&Gute zur Hochzeit! Ich wünsche, dass ihr die schlechten Tagen gut meistert und die schönen Tage genießt! :)  Ich freu mich für euch! Und ich hoffe ihr schaut mal wieder in Tokio vorbei...sonst muss ich echt mal nach Kagoshima kommen XD