Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Yahoo ~~
I`m making bento boxes right now and watch some kind of Japanese teenage-love-always-the-same-stroy thing ~ but it`s cute ^^

Kathi and I were scouted for a German movie company which is dealing with Japanese movie companies...they are looking for some office girls which will be like a PR agent at movie festivals etc in and around Tokyo...I`m not sure how this will work out because of my visa troubles and so on, but anyway I will answer them tonight. Sounds pretty interesting ~

I also got my extensions done. My bf got a deep cut in the finger at the last fashion show and I hope he has survived today`s work XD

Now something serious: PLEASE DON`T BUY REAL FUR!!!!
I know it`s trend right now, but especially for Japan foxes, rabbits and cats (!!!!) are killed in Russia and China just to serve the trend of heartless people who simply ignore the fact that the thing around their neck or hanging down from their bags was alive!!!
You can buy fantastic fake fur everywhere(@H&M)...real fur smells terrible, is really difficult to keep clean and especially foxes and martens are suffering like hell because of this...
In times of great fake fur there is no need to kill animals just for their skin. It`s  a conservative, bloody cruel crime...we don`t need their fur anymore.
And: Cheap fur which you find in shops like 109 is sometimes made out of cats and dogs...would you wear your own pet????!!!!
Use your heart ~ be human !! Stop the real fur trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Oh that movie thing does sound interesting! Too bad you have to worry about your visa, I hope you can do it.

    Yeah, I found a really nice cheap fake fur stole at H&M it looks so nice, why would anyone want real fur? I know - because it's so cheap in Japan and they don't care about animals very much. Argh it's made out of cats, it makes me want to throw up!

  2. Your purikura is so cute! ^o^
    Good luck with the movie thing!

  3. @さらまり visa problem really really annoys me...I mean, I`m free since I have my internship in Tokyo in August -_-
    Well, I hope it will work out...

    Yep...I think the big problem here is that many people simply don`t know "how fur is made"...
    I know some brands in 109 use fake fur which really feels like it`s real. But you need to ask the staff about it since most of them don`t know and they need to check the internet for the items which aren`t real.
    My boyfriend told me last night about the fox tails...the cheap ones are made out of cats ~ the ones which aren`t sold in pet shops or simply street cats. He talked to a designer at his last fashion show who is strictly against fur and she told him about the cat thing...
    Sad sad reality...

    @Audrey Thank you ^^

  4. Hi! I saw your blog on Saramari's site, and thought it sounded interesting so I came to check it out..!

    It's very cute!! And when you write, you make it sound like a lot of fun so I enjoyed reading..! I'll definitely come by again!

    Good luck with apartment hunting!! It's so difficult sometimes ;O;...

    (my blogspot is only for art posts lolol)

  5. @ Petite Devotchka

    Thanks a lot ~
    I just checked out your blog and it looks really nice, too. You`re in Japan? I gave you a mail with my keitai addy, so if you like you can contact me then ~ ^^
    Yep...finding the apartments of your dreams seems like a mission impossible here XD But well, we`re doing our best ^^

  6. Agree with the fake fur--it is so easy to buy & if you want real you can just get vintage! But then, the same can be said for leather and I am not sure how I feel because I really like leather and fake leather doesn`t compare at all. Slippery slope :(

    Where did you get your extensions?? I am looking for a place right now so if you got them done somewhere in Tokyo (and you like them of course, but yours look nicely blended in your photo) then please rec a place for me haha. Been looking for a while and can`t decide where!

  7. Ahh please take a picture of the bentos!
    The Puris are cute!

    I really like fur... but just fake fur....
    i can't imagine to wear a real pet on my jacket...
    This is a horrible imagination!!!
    I thinks it's you talk about this topic!
    I don't really know if this will change some attitudes.
    And a counterpoint for the real fur... it's so expensive!
    You can buy more things when you buy fake fur!

    This cute poor rabbit on the pic.

  8. @ Hana
    Yes, I understand your point ♥
    I just buy cow leather, since I`m not vegetarian and I think like you : Leather is a material which can`t be copied like fur. But again I would never buy crocodile leather just to complete my outfit. For me, killing an animal for fashion is simply wrong. I just take care what I eat and what I buy. For example free range hens` eggs cost more than 350 Yen in our supermarket...but it`s worth for me.
    I think there are some small things we can think about without making ourselves into green fanatics :)
    About my extensions: My friends and I go to "Q9" which is located in Shibuya. I know the ladies there and get 30% off, but I think 70 strands are about 14.000 Yen. They do a good job ~ another shop is close to Donky Hot and Starbucks, called "Malibu". I think it`s pretty famous, but 50 strands are already around 14.000 Yen, so sadly I can`t afford that these days :) If you need help, just give me your mail addy and I will guide you or send you a map ^^

    @ DeadlyClairs
    Yeah, I think this topic is important. I don`t want to change the world and everyone has different opinions about it (which is important and I respect it a lot ~), but since I live in a city where most people have no single clue about fur, HIV and all this stuff, I think it`s important to say this (*points to 109*).