Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Totally forgot the photos from Saturday night. Steffi&I had a nice club night and before that she gave me a wonderful birthday cake...31 ice cream!!
We had a hard time to finish it... XD  Simply too much. But sooooo much love....♥

Today I got a big packet from Donky...we had to buy various things on Sunday and happily they offer a free send service XD  Yeah, too lazy to carry the stuff home...
I think if I ever return to Germany&start a life there, I will definetly miss the sweet Japanese service for lazy people like me&my husband... ;) 

Next week I have to hand in the papers for my spouse the morning at first a short visit at the German embassy, afterwards we will head to Shinagawa's immigration office...
Sadly it seems like a boring holiday for us...I'm so glad when everything is finally finished... (-_-)

In about 2 weeks we already have our big photo shooting with the kimono and wedding dress. I will get extensions the night before...long hair again (;_;)  I miss it so much. But since it's awfully humid these days I will just keep them for a few days and then take them off...nothing looks more terrible than shabby extensions (^^;)

Starting from June, three new students will join my class...I'm excited to meet them ~
In July I will be pretty busy since we will offer a project which allows students from Japanese schools to join our classes during the summer vacation. Something like a special summer school. And in the end of July we have an event week with special theme days like "Hawaii" or "Ocean"...hope the kids will enjoy it :)
I really love my team. I work with such nice&great teachers together. I'm really bad at getting up in the morning, but these days even though I'm tired I go to work with a lot of motivation. It's great to feel relaxed at work.

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

From Yoshi's sweet!
 Wow, what a beautiful weather today ~~

Steffi&I spent the whole day in a Cafe and later on the can feel the summer coming ^-^

Anyway, tomrrow Yoshi&I will do some shopping and maybe have the chance to watch "Men in Black 3"...can't wait for it :) I totally adore Will Smith&MIB has always been one of my favourite movies.
Steffi gave me such a cute neckchain ~~

Same face...that's my dog XD

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

I turned 25 this week! Time passes by so fast.

Anyway, the best thing about being 25 is...

My husband :) We got married !
Some years ago Yoshi&I got our first rings on my birthday, so we thought it's a nice thing to marry on the same day.
Sadly there was a combination of unlucky happenings...although the weather was really nice the whole week (today we have 28C° in Tokyo!), only on my birthday it was raining and cold as crazy XD Another bad point was the terrible service at the registry took more than four hours...
Normally it takes 20 minutes. Of course we were already prepared that it may takes a little bit longer for an international marriage since they have to check various papers...but every single official had no clue about anything...
Additionally I got sick the night before my birthday...I'm still fighting hard against my coughing and so I have to take some days off from work -_-
But even though not all things were as perfect as we have planned...I had a wonderful day.
Yoshi tried so hard to and I'm blessed having such a sweet husband :)

At the weekend we both went out to get my birthday present: I finally got myself a nice camera with a fast shutter and good lens. I love taking photos and I was always thinking to get one...and now it's my favourite toy XD
I only use the photos for my blog, Facebook or family and so I wanted to have something compact with high quality. Just as hobby&since I reduce the photo size anyway I was looking for a small type ~ After spending three hours in various shops I decided to get me the Olympus Pen :)

I can't wait to go out and take some nice photos. A big THANK YOU! to Yoshi&my family :x

Yoshi's mother sent me some money& a sweet card

So many beautiful flowers...I'm more than happy
Filling out the paper stuff...

Our paper ~

Waiting, waiting, waiting...but we met a sweet little friend :) 

And then our dinner...I have never eaten so many tasty things...
Due to my cold I wasn't able to eat as much as I wanted (;_;)
Well, Yoshi enjoyed his double portions XD

The whole restaurant for just the two of us ~~ nice!

I was so happy about the roses... (;_;)

The day before my birthday Yoshi played with my camera. Peko was his first victim.
And then I...

I like this one a lot :)

Next week we have to visit Shinagawa for my visa application. It takes one month to get the spouse visa...and my old visa ends in July. We have to hurry ^^"
After that I have to register our marriage in Germany...and then start to prepare for the wedding parties in September&December  ~ busy, busy...but I'm looking forward to it so much ^^

And now: Relaxing in bed ~25 years old and nothing has changed XD   Except my family name...