Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Goodbye summer ~ (even though it'll be still hot until October I think ...)
My holiday has ended today and starting from tomorrow my work will start again. Many new students will join, the afternoon classes will change...but I'm looking forward to it!
It has been a calm&relaxing holiday...not many highlights, but I had some nice days.

Steffi is finally coming back to Japan tomorrow, too :) Happy!

Here are some photos of our trip to Hakone&the Hanabi in front of our house.
We started in the early morning and ended up in a big traffic jam, which was the most annoying part of the trip. The weather changed around 2pm and it became very foggy, but we still had a great time.  We will come back in autumn since it's the best season for a trip to Hakone.

I'm a huge fan of The Little Prince and so we visited the museum, which is very close to Hakone.
A little bit European feeling...nice!

Break Time!
Happy Peko ~

Peko's face when we were buying bread...always hungry ^^"

4 hours walking...Peko's limit...

HUGE trees...

Dinner time at one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the area...

Hungy Yoshi... ;)

Hanabi-Time! Every year in the end of August there is a huge firework in front of our house. We got the best seats due to Yoshi's fighting spirit XD
 About 6000 people came to our neighbourhood and changed our calm place into a big party ~ it was the 80th birthday of Setagaya (our city district)& the firework was really big. One hour with live music.

Eh...yes... :)

I ordered the wedding dress for the party in Germany...hope it will arrive soon ~ ^.^