Montag, 31. Januar 2011

♥ January 31st is the birthday of the sweetest guy I've ever met ~ and who I can proudly call my boyfriend♥ Happy birthday and I'm thankful for having you in my life.

Today Steffi and I just chilled since we went out last night. A nice chill-out at Laurens and later a short Clubbing night...seeing also those "muscle-breasthair-macho"guys trying to show of their manly dance moves was the biggest turn-off in my whole life. And I realized: I prefer tiny, gay looking Gyaruos who can't dance XD Strange, but that's my way of life.
And I have to add: Being a 2m, brown Latino-guy with no hair on the head, BUT a jungle of breast hair and an "Angel Heart" tattoo on your breast ISN'T SEXY XD Not in my world.
But dancing was LOVE!

Tomorrow our art class will start ~ and this week I need to do a lot of things  like exchanging money for Japan, getting my hair colour and nails done and buying some things like cosmetic and so on.

I can't wait ~  10 days until I can hug Yoshi again ♥ Skype isn't enough.

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

We have finished our first intensive class. One more to go ~
Today our university had a small presentation about studying abroad in Japan and we may have chances to get a scholarship. 2 months in Japan+3000 Euro support.  It's a new scholarship program for BA thesis writer and since we were the only students from our faculty of social and cultural sciences who have finished an internship in Japan it seems we have a chance to obtain it.
But: The application deadline is already on Monday...busy ~  but worth trying.

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

♥ 13 days until Tokyo
Yoshi got me a ticket. His birthday present was the airplane ticket for me. Too sweet.
Steffi and I just relax, spend our days at university and of course I went shopping XD  So next update will be a little bit about my lovely new stuff ~

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

We have arrived in Dusseldorf ~~
Our flat share is simply beautiful. I wish I could move this apartment
to Tokyo ~ 

More updates will follow soon ~tomorrow: University will start & the chillout life style is over ~

Some old purikura~because finally my scanner is working  ^_-

Yoshi wants to buy the airplane ticket tomorrow ~~ I  hope we will be lucky!

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Today I have found the last and perfect present for Yoshi at Leonardo ~  I'm happy. My home town is really tiny and there aren't many nice shops first I wanted to buy sunglasses by Chanel, but since we will have our anniversary day soon, I think I will wait and buy it in March ^-^

Afterwards I've met Steffi for a coffee&cake session ~  nice day. Now I will relax while watching "The X-Files" XD

Tomorrow webcamera session ~ one day without is like hell to me ^^"

Next week I will be able to make a HUGE shopping round XD So I've checked J-fashion magazines like CanCam&JJ for some nice inspirations ~ I hope I can find something similar at H&M or some other shops around.
I SO need new short pants&skirts. And I'm really into a brown pullover, brown boots&brown hat look...I can't wait for spring XD
Today I got myself new black overknee-boots ^-^ *happy*

I'm in love with  "Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta"~ great drama! If you have the chance, please watch it ~

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

I've finally finished the preparations for Yoshi's birthday packet which I will send the day after tomorrow ~
I also made some almond-chocolate-cookies since sending a self-made cake is simply impossible. I've bought various small things like a scarf, accesories for our pair bracelet, sweets, a new ear piercing...because I've bought the Vivienne Westwood wallet for him at Christmas, he simply had no wish at all...which made is pretty hard to find something "useful".I also made a photo collage ~ something creative and nice to kill the time here in the cold&boring Germany.

Starting from Sunday I will be in Dusseldorf and attend two classes at my university. One about classroom management and the other about modern art ~  I hope it will be at least a little bit interesting.
Since we need to be there full time (9am~6pm), I won't be able to talk to Yoshi the whole time, except Saturday and Sunday...he was already a little bit frustrated since he needs to spend his birthday without our daily web camera session. His best friend has moved to Nagoya some months ago and so he is still thinking what to do. Sad, sad...but maybe I will return to Tokyo after my classes. My holiday will start on February 5th for about one month and since there are so many complicated things with Peko-kun and all the stuff he is thinking to use his parents' birthday money to get me an airplane cute ^-^ He wants to get the ticket on Monday. Let's hope there are still some cheap ones around.
Steffi and I have found a pretty cool flat share close to the airport. We will live together with a sweet couple, both are around 30 years old. We will have our own bath room and a small, but nice bed room for the 12 days. Will be party every night XD  Feels like we're 17 again...sleeping in the same bed, watching Japanese dramas and talking until morning~  nice.
I hope I can do some shopping, go to a hairstylist to colour my hair& get new gel nails...especially if I go back to Tokyo earlier than expected. And of course I'm looking forward to meet some of my dear friends.
More updates+photos starting from Sunday ~~ I promise.

See you soon ~~

Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Hey guys ~~ sorry for my late update.
Since I'm back in Germany my life is filled up stuff...~ XD Yeah...nothing special at all.
I'm spending couple of hours every day writing my last homeworks and thinking about my future. I hope I can graduate this summer and since my grades are pretty good (average of A~A+) I need to check out every option regarding my Master degree, Working Holiday and anything elese. The only fact I know: I won't live in Germany any more and finally start a 100% life in Tokyo, which was my desire for almost 8 years now.
Due to my strange university class (2 weeks fulltime from 9am until 6pm) it seems hard to get a job...on the other hand I live with my family again and in our village we don't even have ANY possible part-time jobs around...furthermore because I'm planning to go back to Japan in March~April it'll be impossible finding a shop or restaurant which will hire me for just four weeks...
My life here is plain boring and I'm looking forward to the university classes, because then I can live in Düsseldorf, which is still pretty lame if I think of Tokyo, but much nicer than spending hours in front of the PC waiting if someone has interesting posts at Facebook XD

My daily highlight is doing Skype with Yoshi...and well, we're talking for hours. I'm sad I can't be with him and Peko-kun...I miss my daily life with them. It seems so far away right now, but I know I have to get myself together and get through this boring&shitty hanging around until I have finished my university stuff. The thought of being together soon is motivating me a lot.
He has sent me a letter already and between talking senseless stuff, watching You Tube videos together (but 12.000km away) and realizing how much better we feel when we're together, I feel pretty lonely and sad here. Germany is my home, but my heart doesn't live here.

Yoshi's birthday is in two weeks. I've already bought some stuff for him and I plan to get him something nice at Tiffany (yes, they have some things for men, too ^_-)  and make some cookies since a birthday cake wouldn't survive the trip in the packet all the way to Japan.

I will try to make some updates since I plan to go shopping in the next days, but I hope you can survive a little while without a daily update. I promise to update soon since Peko will arrive next week&some other things are going on, so please follow me.

Dorky No.1

Dorky No.2

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

2 lonely boys...
I'm back in Germany. It was a really sad goodbye...although it'll be just for 2 months, I already miss my life in Tokyo... ;-; 
Peko will arrive with the ASS (Animal Shipping Service) in about 10 days ^^ I'm happy to have at least my little puppy around ~~

Sunrise in Japan...

Today I was doing my university homework whole day and of course Yoshi and I had to do a Skype session XD
In the next days I'm thinking to get myself a new cellphone. Maybe IPhone. Still don't know...

Cleaning our room all by himself...
Poor Yoshi XD

And he found my pajama shirt ^^;

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Hope you all had a a great start into 2011 ~~

31th all pet hotels were closed and so we had no other option than staying at home with Peko. We bought a huge set KFC chickens (10 pieces XD) and tasty nut-caramael sweets from our favourite shop.

Then we simply watched TV, talked with my family through Skype a little while and just had a relax day at home.
Next day we celebrated New Year`s day typical Japanese&visited Meji shrine in Harajuku ~~
Afterwards we had dinner in Shibuya&I was looking for some pullovers since Germany is really cold at the moment&I don`t have much winter clothes. I`ve found some nice things which I will buy tomorrow   *^o^*

I just have three days left...don`t wanna go home yet...2 months Germany sound so incredible boring XD

Peko smiles when we trickle him on the stomach ~~

LOL XD He wanted to draw a rabbit...but it looked like Pikachu XD