Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Happy Golden Week everyone ~

At first: A big THANK YOU! to Starbucks :) I've had fantastic 10 months at this shop. I've met so many wonderful people&had such a nice team...I'm sure I will miss my days with you :)
Today will be my last day in my uniform...but you can be sure that I won't forget my days with you!

Last week Stefffi&I had lot of work to handle but found some time for a coffee at the Dog Cafe near my station.

Since the whole week was rainy Yoshi and I just had a shopping day on our day off. Tomorrow the weather will be good and we can't wait to go somewhere...maybe Kamakura for a beach walk? Still not sure.

I've spent way too much money on clothes this weekend...but much

Yoshi gave me a bread machine for White Day&it's so damn good...I have a new hobby XD

Happy Golden Week for those in Japan ~hope you have good time!

Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Since my job is getting busier I have to quit Starbucks. Next Sunday will be my last today.
A strange feeling to leave after those 10 months...I loved my work there. I had such a wonderful team and I was able to learn so many different things...but I have to move on :)
Anyway, I'm on the way to my shop now.

We took some purikura yesterday ~ a great night!

Tomorrow Yoshi&I are thinking to do something relaxing. Maybe cinema...still not sure. The weather is really strange these days...
I hope Golden Week will be better next week...don't want this rainy weather...

Freitag, 20. April 2012

Weekend is here ~~~  I've missed you  (;_;)

Sleeping, sleeping, chilling with Steffi&Erina and a nice coffee...and again sleeping.....niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~
Yoshi took some photos of me and Peko last week while we were playing on the bed :)
Totally mainstream but... I love my doggy ~  ;)

Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

On Monday we went to the German embassy to get the last documents and stamps. Now we're ready to send it back to Germany. We hope everything will work out fine. If yes, we are going to marry in the end of next month :)

Since the appointment at the embassy was really early, we were so tired (getting up at 7am at your only day off isn't nice...). Since we had to visit the photo studio in Omotesando again, we had to wait until the late afternoon. Three coffees couldn't keep us awake and so we headed to a 90 minutes round of karaoke. A good choice! We were full of power while we were trying on dresses afterwards.
Yoshi's family has a big tradition of wedding photos and so we are doing a big photo shooting again in the middle of June. Three kimono and two dresses. It will take more than 10 hours and we are able to create our own album out of our 25 favourite photos. I'm really looking forward to the result. 

My new classroom shoes ~ all teachers got the same shoes, but different colours.
I don't own any pink things and so I  thought it's time for a change XD

Our wedding rings have arrived from Ginza ~ they are beautiful.
I'm glad we decided to get custom-made ones...

Montag, 9. April 2012

This weekend's weather was simply amazing.
Sunday was our anniversary, but we couldn't do something special since we had  a meeting with our wedding planer again.
We have finally set the date for the party in Japan and now we just need to prepare the wedding in Germany...we're still not sure if we set it in August or in December. Another upcoming event will be the big kimono shooting. Yoshi's parents will come to Tokyo for one weekend in June. We are so busy with preparing...but it's fun anyway.

Since we had a long lunch time on Sunday we walked around Odaiba a little bit. Beside turtles on the beach we also experienced a visit in the trick art museum which was pretty nice.

Today it was a sunny day and we decided to make a Hanami in a park close by...we spent more than four hours. It was so nice...I wish my weekend would continue but tomorrow I need to go back to work (;_;) And Saturday and Sunday will be school events, so I will only have Monday left...
Anyway ~ I can't wait for Golden Week ^.^