Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

No Halloween party....
A big typhoon is rolling over Tokyo right`s stormy and rainy outside...  -_-;

April 2010
I will go out tomorrow to meet Kathi, but tonight I will simply stay at home...I think it`s pity since I have never been out to a Tokyo Halloween party before and today should become my first time...but I don`t want to end up somewhere with no trains >,<  Yoshi also comes home earlier and so we want to relax with coffee and nice cake ~
To my friends who are heading to the clubs right now: ENJOY IT!!! 

Yoshi sent all of his photos from his old keitai to his new IPhone and found some cute, old pictures ~
Those pictures from April 2010 make me smile so much XD
One of my students always ate my jacket and my bf enjoyed copying XD
Now I will check out some nice places for Christmas and preapre dinner ~


  1. Oh I'm sorry that typhoon is ruining Halloween, how annoying >< It's not even halloween here yet, but it will just be cold haha.

    You know, since yesterday's post and now with today's post I really want to say congrats to you haha! Congrats on finding a cute bf who is kind and takes puri kura often XD Really you guys are such a lovely couple!

    And oh, even though that student of yours liked to eat clothing he is a super cute kid haha^^

  2. @さらまり
    No problem ^^ We enjoyed watching some DVDs and so it wasn`t that bad ~ next year I will go out for sure XD

    Thanks so much ^^ Yeah he enjoys taking purikura as much as I do :)

    He is so sweet ^^ He talks and talks and talks. Can`t wait to have one on my own ^^