Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Yahoo ~~

One week left ^,^v
And I still have plenty of things to do ^^" Visting my doctor for the yearly check, buying presents, some cosmetic, getting books+copies for my BA-thesis and last but not least I need to visit my university to have a small talk about my thesis+final homework...
Anyway, it's my father's birthday tomorrow and I went shopping with my mother to get some small presents. He's not that into presents but anyway ~ it's nice to get presents even if you don't expect them, right?
While we walked through our tiny city I've found a sweet shop selling shoes...and yeah, I had to buy something ^^"
Too cheap to ignore. And too cute to leave behind...especially since I have seen them in "Vivi" sometime ago.

Now I have four pairs which I will take back to Tokyo and I really hope the weight of my suitcase will be ok ~
I've bought tons of Lindt chocolate, German chocolate can never be wrong as presents for some of my dear people ~ and it seems that my bf's boss wants to meet me...together with the whole staff.  So I've spent 40 Euro for 2 packets of chocolate today ^^" I'm broke. I really am.
But I'm curious about his team...we will go drinking in the middle of October. Will be funny for sure ~
The Yen is still so strong...I will get my money on Monday and I'm thinking about the perfect days in 2006 when 1 Euro was about 170 Yen... (;_;) Now it's around 110 Yen....100 Euro = 11.000 Yen    *cries*

I'm planning to visit Dusseldorf on Saturday to hang out with some of my people. I haven't seen some of them for months, so I'm happy to see them ^.^v
I will make a cake tomorrow and start writing the first pages of the BA-thesis ~~  the final days will quickly pass by...can't believe I'll return next week...seems like a dream.

Today's webcamera photo XD

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

Yahoooooo ~~

Yeah, I know. I'm too early back from university...
Anyway, my teacher fell sick (no joke!!) and so the class has ended today XD
Well, I returned back to my family's house since I could save money for the hotel room.
Somehow I'm glad about it because my room had no W-LAN or TV there. I can live without TV, because I never had one in my German apartment and I prefer a good movie instead of lame series or talk shows.
BUT! I can't live without internet XD  I mean, especially since I really missed doing webcamera sessions and all this stuff...

I got myself new shoes *^.^*
And I spent some time with my old friends ~~ ^o^  We hang out in Cafe Relax, just like the good old time. If there is some time left I want to return next weekend and stay at Lena's place ~ would be too nice hanging around a whole night XD

My final university class was really ok ~ nothing special about it. Here one photo ~
I was bored a little XD  That's the way Steffi and I have spent the past 3 years ^^"

Drinking coffee and killing time...^_-

Today morning Steffi informed me of the absence of our teacher (no internet = no E-Mail = unknwoing Sarah)...and yeah, I just returned, put all my things back into my suitcase and took a 3 hours train/bus ride back to my home town.
My family is spending their holiday in Egypt, so until next Monday I have the whole house just for myself ~~ only 2 weeks left until I return back to Tokyo ~  I can't wait ^.^ Want to cuddle with someone sooo badly ;_;
Now: Webcamera Session ~ 


Samstag, 18. September 2010

Secondhand Serenade | A Twist In My Story +Lyrics

Beautiful song...
Hello ~~ ^-^

Starting from Sunday I will go back to Dusseldorf to attend my last (finally!!) class. It will be about education and the organisation of meetings/classes/presentations. Wow...I can't wait  ^^" It will be soooo exciting... not  笑 
Anyway, I will stay in a hotel and it seems I have W-LAN ~ ^,^v  *
I'm planning to meet some people who I haven't seen in ages...hope I won't be too busy.

Today my bf and I had a long talk about our apartment.
At the moment we live in a small, 23qm apartment in Sangenjaya. It's really close to Shibuya (by train I'm at Hachiko in just 15min), but that means: expensive...
for no space...
It's a nice apartment, really modern. But all in all, if you think that there's the kitchen+bath room+toilet, our living space is just 15qm...
Since we really really really get along well it wouldn't be that bad, but our apartment cats+dogs are not allowed.
It was always my big dream to have a dog again. My family's dog died 8 years ago. He became 14 years old and all the time my mother mostly took care of him. I was busy being a teenager ~ ^^"  Not knowing how fantastic it can be having a dog.
Now I finally realized what I have missed and for some years now I'm thinking to get a small dog.  My bf is crazy about dogs, so that's our little wish.
We really want to buy a dog.
We already checked various apartments in August. Both of us want to have a stylish, pretty modern apartment close to Shibuya (bf = work, me = shopping ^^"). And the best place would be Sangenjaya. You have plenty of supermarkets there...stylish restaurants, Star Bucks, can spend a whole day in Sangenjaya without getting bored and we both lived there for more than 3 years now. That's "our" place.
Now you will think: Yeah! And why don't you move to a bigger place???
Well, our apartment is roughly about 80.000 Yen a month (=  ~ 800$). Our dream apartment will be 35qm, pets ok, bath room+toilet are seperated, the apartment house is new (not older than 5 years), auto locked doors...all in all, we want a glamorous apartment  XD
This will be about 100.000 Yen, maybe more. Money isn't that big problem since my bf and I can afford it, but sadly there aren't many apartments which hit the criterions of "being perfect". Many are really old...others are incredibly expensive (2000$/month)...or simply not ok for dogs...
We found two apartments in the end of August, but sadly the move-in-date was in September...and since I'm still in Germany and bf has to work and no holiday, there was no chance of moving to the new place...
So starting from November/December we will start looking for a new place. In October we will buy new furniture, a new bed and some decorations. I will take some photos of our apartment ~ you will see how tiny it looks like with a double bed ^^"
In truth, most love hotel rooms have more space than we have ~~ quite amusing.
We both want to have a modern&simple black/white style in our room, since some of our furniture are already in the same colour. But: I want to have black&white photos ~ and decoration ^-^ A little bit more personal. 
I found a nice photo which shows my bf's and my personal taste... (just add some pictures on the wall, a great candleholder on the ceiling+some flowers...).
Let's hope we can find a place like this ~ 

Freitag, 17. September 2010

Today my bf's letter arrived (^-^) Together with my keys.
I totally forgot to bring them back to Germany ~ (not only of our apartment in Tokyo, 
also the key for my family's house ^^").
He also sent two cute photos. One is my hamster doing a model face inside the camera. The other one is the cat of his best friend, who is my lovely playmate (although I have an allergy against cats ~~
sad, sad...)

Today I booked my ticket back into freedom. On October 7th I'm back. 
Anyway, still tons of stuff to do ~~ but I am simply happy about how the things turned out.

19 days ~~ yeah, yeah...  ^v^/

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Yeah ~~~ (⌒▽⌒)

I could enter the class~  I will obtain my last points for my BA degree in just four days XD
Which means :  I go back to Japan already in about 3 weeks (≧∇≦)/
I  phoned with my bf today and he took holiday around this time (he was still at work, so perfect timing).
Tonight I'm planning to buy the airplane ticket...seems most are sold out already ( ̄□ ̄;) So I need to take a cheaper one which has one stop in Rome ~ well, don't mind. As long as it's around 900€ ~

Since I will attend the intensive class, I will stay in a hotel close to my university for these 4 days.
The class is hold from 9 am until 5 pm and since I live with my parents, I'm not able to take the bus/train/ takes more than 3 hours from my house. So I decided to book a cheap hotel close to my university for the time being. My family will be in holiday, so yeah...that's the plan for the next week ^.^v

Samstag, 11. September 2010

No motivation ^^"
But anyway, I've started reading some of the books for my BA-thesis. The topic "Japanese women in modern Japan". It's more about sociology instead of social sciences, but since I'm thinking about going to Waseda University if I can get some financial support, it'll help me a lot writing about this stuff   ヽ(´ー`)┌   ~~ my major at Waseda will be "International Realtions" and my major field of study deals with the daily life  in Japan and intercultural problems.
I know this BA-thesis is my final step of graduating...but since my report is 1,2 average/ A, I have no fear at all. Even if it ends up worse, I'm still having an average of 1,4 XD
I just don't want to stay here in my room whole day...I want to write at Starbucks or Mac Donald back home ~~ sadly I live with my parents for the time being...and so there is no way out of here. I live in a 3000 population village somewhere in Germany... XD  And you can imagine how different it can be living close to Shibuya or together with some cows and pigs in a forest  (^_^;)

On Tuesday I may know about my university schedule. If I can enter the intensive class, which will be held from 20th ~ 23rd I can return to Japan without any problems. If not, then.......
I have a huge problem XD  But anyway, although only 30 students are allowed to enter, I'm positive. I already have sent a mail to my professor, explaining the situation and my huge need being in this seminar (^_-) If it works, I will book my flight back next week. I was planning to go back around 29th, but since my bf has 4 days off from work starting from October 4th I'm thinking to catch an airplane around this time...if there is a cheap one left...which is my next fear ( ゚ Д゚)
We want to celebrate our 6-months anniversary (October 6th) in Disneyland (・∀・) Yes, doing childish and innocent stuff is really what I need right now ( ̄ー ̄) And afterwards dinner in Odaiba ~ which was our first date.

Anyway, I'm optimistic it will work out somehow (≧∇≦)/
I'm off now ~~ Webcamera-Session-Time ~~ 

Freitag, 10. September 2010

I just had a fantastic Webcam session with my hamster XD   She is so lovely. Everytime I called her name, she was squeaking   *^-^* My boyfriend was really amused about it.


Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Alright, Sarah here ^.^v

I simply had enough of LJ and everything ~ but I still want to stay in contact with some of my friends in Germany, so welcome to my new blog \(^_^)/

I haven't updated LJ for such a long time. I am sorry ~ some of you also sent
mails to me asking if I'm alive (>_<) I'm fine...I just didn't have enough
time for LJ. I'm new to this stuff here, so I'm still checking out
how to post things and so on ~
But from now on this blog will become my blog which I will try to update at least
once a week. With a lots of photos and some stuff about my life (^_~)

These days there isn't much new stuff going on. I'm writing my BA-thesis,
staying at home most time. Next week I am planning to buy 

my air plane ticket back to Japan.  
4 weeks Germany are definetly enough  (ó_O)

Yoshi and I are planning about Christmas already. In all these years I
have never been in Japan around Christmas. But since it's his only holiday,
I promised him to stay in Japan at least until January. 

Will be really nice though... one time Christmas abroad is a great thing ^.^v
Anyway, I'm busy doing my stuff but on the other hand I'm bored
as hell doing nothing than studying...
Can't wait to write my BA-thesis in my beloved Starbucks in Shibuya... (♥_♥)