Montag, 29. November 2010

Today we checked some apartments but didn`t find a good one, so we headed home, had a short stop at Omotesando Hills to check out the beautiful Christmas decoration ^^
So busy these days doing all this stuff....but since Yoshi is free we need to finish it all before his work will start again.

And had a short webcam session with Steffi+Kay ~~ thank u ^^ 

I hope I can meet some of you guys this week  >-<  Sorry for changing the schedule...

Of course Peko was with us ^^
I`ve seen a beatiful carry bag for dogs in Omotesando...I wish I had the money to buy it ~~ we have a nice bag already but this one was really special. Need to go there again soon ^^

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Helloooo ~~

On Friday we`ve got a sweet surprise! 5kg Christmas chocolate, cookies&cakes from Germany ^^
I was really happy about it. My family put so much things in both packets XD  I`m not that big fan of chocolate, but I love cookies&cake. So my boyfriend already ate 800g choco and I started with the cookies from my grandma XD

Later Yoshi and I decided to watch Harry Potter at the cinema in Shibuya due to some tickets which he obtained from one of this seniors ~ I really don`t like Harry Potter (although I have watched most of the movies), but I have to say that this final was really great. Dark& with a lot of entertainment. Yoshi loves Harry Potter since he was a big fan in his childhood and so it was a nice way to spend the evening together.
Peko normally follows me everywhere in his bag, but we decided to bring him to a pet hotel close by due to his sensitive ears. I hope we can change our apartment soon...then he can relax at home if I`m off to loud&busy places.
Today night we`ve brought him home from his "spa day" XD
He seemed pretty fine (but somehow he smelled like peach...why?? ^^;), although now he wants to be hugged the whole day and sleeps most of the time...maybe he felt really lonely in the big cage.  One hour ago we made a night walk with him. He was really happy walking through our town but he still doesn`t do "his business" outside...only in his dog toilet... ^^; Well...that`s fine for me as long as he is happy.

Yoshi needs to take some time off due his strong allergy caused through shampoo+colouring~~ his doctor doesn`t seem satisfied because his hands` condition is really bad...I`m so sorry for him since he loves his work, but on the other hand we can spend more time together. He already made some plans where to go in the next days ^^ Tomorrow we want do take a look on the Christmas illumination. Of course together with Peko-kun ~~
I`m just worried about Christmas. We`ve got a nice table in an Italian restaurant in Odaiba...
But it seems he has to work on Christmas...because of his extra holiday this month...
I don`t want to spend my Christmas Eve waiting for my bf ending his work around 11pm XD

When Peko sleeps he`s dreaming a lot and making strange faces XD  Since he never barks or growls, it looks so funny seeing him like this.

And I`ve got new extensions. I`ve went to a new shop in Shibuya, close to Loft. I love the colour and the quality of the extensions (*≧▽≦)  I will post some photos tomorrow ~

Our neighbours decided to make the "100000% Christmas decoration"... and a CD-player plays 24hours Christmas music...hardcore XD

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Yahoo ~~

My bat XD
Today I had a short visit at the vet since Peko`s ears seem to be a little bit red and itchy. I`ve got some medicines and afterwards went to Mishuku, a place between Sangenjaya and Shibuya.
There are various shops for dogs which sell food and equipment. There is a also the big Setagaya-koen which offers enough space for walks.
Yoshi bought a dog leash last week but it`s thin&somehow hard and Peko seemed to feel really uncomfortable in it. Now I`ve got him a a harness and ~~ suddenly he enjoys going for a walk! Since he was really motivated I decided to walk back home and arrived after one hour XD

Tonight Yoshi will dye my hairline since tomorrow he needs to take my photos for his model folder. Later one we go model hunting in Shibuya since it`s easier for him getting models having a foreigner&small dog at his side  XD  Peko&I will be abused.
We need to find some ladies around 30~up because he needs to have some models for doing a perm ~~
We also need to buy tickets for Disneyland and do some shopping.

I`ve been a little bit bad (not allowed to spend money...) and bought a new pullover+dress.

Red ~~  a nice combination with white ^o^

Can`t wait to get my extensions. My own hair is so thin and`s like every styling lasts just for 30 minutes. I`m tired of it.

Anyone knows a good nail salon in Shibuya? (cheap+many designs)
I need to get new gel nails which are not that long because of Peko~~

Montag, 22. November 2010

A long time passed by ~

A (tiny) big change came to our life last week. Here a short summary....
We decided to eat dinner in Kabuki-cho and while we were walking through the streets we`ve found a small pet shop. Since we always talk about having a dog and changing our apartment, my boyfriend couldn`t stop himself and entered the shop.
In one of the cages, far away from the others, he found a tiny dog. Actually this tiny one was already 5 months old....and due to his sickness he stayed like a 2 months old puppy. The shop staff told us that nobody was interested in buying him, so they will send him "away".

For those who don`t know about Japanese pet shops...
If one of the dogs and cats isn`t able to find a new owner, they will take them to special "pet shelters". In those dark&dirty places pets from all over the city are collected in a big box. After a few days they are killed through gas. Sometimes you find 4 weeks old puppies, sometimes big dogs which doesn`t fit into the "kawaii" image of the Japanese people. Those killing factories are pretty unknown in Japan. So sometimes even the shop staff doesn`t know about it or doesn`t WANT to know about it....
So if you find a dog or cat in one of your pet shops which is older than 6 months or doesn`t look "cute" enough, be sure to say goodbye to them because most of them will never ever go out for a walk or feel loved.
For more information:

In the past years some volunteer organisation try to establish "real" animal shelters. Let`s hope the situation will change...

The chibi-dog I`m talking about was really happy to be hugged by us and while the shop staff told us he will be gone on Thursday, my boyfriend and I made a quick decision...there was no real plan, it was simply our feelings which said "Let`s save this one!". He was so sweet and lovely and just because he looks like a mouse (he really does ^^;) he didn`t have any chance  to find a home.
And so we gave him one ^^ His name is Peko, a 1,5kg mix and such a lovely cry-baby...
He already knows his name and remembers where to do "his business"....
Since our apartment doesn`t allow any pets, I always take him with me since he cries when he feels lonely and this would be a huge mess...I`m glad some of my friends support me that much and offer their time and their home in case someone would discover him.
We went to the veterinarian and he got all necessary immunizations to take him back to Germany in January.
Now we need to change our apartment in April for sure XD Let`s hope it will work out.

I`m off to Shibuya now ^^ And Peko-kun needs a walk ~~~


Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Since Friday a lot of things are going on...on Thursday I will make a big update WHAT exactly happened...

Last week it was such a warm day and we went to Kichijoji ~  had a lot of fun walking around the park, renting a pedal boat and relaxing at the small lake.

Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

The weather is wonderful these days and so we enjoy early afternoon dates much more than in the hot&sticky summer ~

Yesterday we watched Twilight. I`m not a huge fan nor I like the books that much, but to kill time and enjoy a little bit of "teenage feelings" the movies are pretty ok. Yoshi just started to read the books and we both were looking forward to the next part, which is as far as I can say the best part of all movies.  My highlight: Eduard`s proposal, which was really old school but somehow sweet and special if I think of all those superficial teenage movies.
Anyway ~ my big Eduard supporter (who really was totally into the movie  *sweet*) and I went on shopping in 109-2. Which ended with a big smile since one of the shop staffs asked me for a date in a second when he and I were standing a little bit seperated. Suddenly he switched the plan of buying a new coat and we left the shop with a mad look from him to the poor shop staff who got a huge shock realizing that I was there with my boyfriend XD   I had to laugh the whole way about Yoshi`s pouting. There is no need to be jealous ^^
We also checked various duvets. Since I`m allergic against feathers, we need to buy one made out of polyester which is washable...sadly we just found really expensive ones&decided to check out  other places than Shibuya.
 XD Not my real hair!
Since we had anniversary on Monday and weren`t able to go out we wanted to enjoy a nice dinner. We decided to eat Mexican and since Yoshi has worked as bar tender during his college times he knows some good places. We ended up somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya and nearly spent three hours there since we had so many things to talk about...
He really wants me to go to Waseda and already thinks about covering my university fees...which is really sweet, but impossible if we decide to move to another apartment next spring. I was really touched when he said that he doesn`t want me to give up on my dream and that he wants to protect my hopes&wishes even though it means he needs to work harder in case I can`t afford it.
His biggest fear is that I will go back to Germany and study over there...but I`m also fed up with seperations so I will stay in Japan for sure. I`ve got some motivation and I will apply for Waseda, hoping I can get a student`s loan from a German bank to
cover the expenses. Somehow I will find a way and even if it doesn`t work out, at least I have tried ^^

By the way...I didn`t get a hair cut or colour! (for those who got a shock looking at the purikura!!) I just wore a wig from my dear Lena ^_^  I was tired getting my hair ready since I still don`t have a new cut or colour yet XD  And I didn`t wear high-heels this I look pretty tiny in the purikura. Actually I`m just 1.66m but I like to "fake" my height up to 1.70m and higher  XD   I love this wig since it saves time if you don`t have time for styling, but up to now I just had three chances to wear it.

Now I need to dress myself and meet Kathi for dinner ~
Tomorrow Yoshi&I will go to Kichijoji ^o^  Hanging out in the park and making a boat ride on the lake ^o^v Well, we`re the living chaos so I hope we won`t get too wet, but I bet it`ll be great.


Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Hello ~

Yesterday I was finally able to meet Manami, my oldest and dearest Japanese friend. We`ve known each other for more than 7 years now and have spent so many great days&nights together.
When we were sweet 17 years old high school students we were already hanging out together XD
Since she was always in Europe when I was in Japan, we didn`t have a chance to meet for more than 16 months ^^;
We decided to go to Shimokitazawa, which is a cute&little town just few minutes from Shibuya. It`s a very stylish part of Tokyo, with lots of Cafes&Second-Hand-Shops and it has been the movie-set for various J-Dramas ~for years we have spent our afternoons there and it was so nice to relax in the narrow streets again.

Some purikura ~ again just some photos because our keitai hate us and couldn`t receive them.

Last week we had to save my hamster Pudding. She is a present from my bf and although I have never been into pets which live in a cage (I`m 100% into dogs), I fell in love with her in the pet shop. Since we were dating for exactly 4 months on this day, my bf simply decided to buy her for me. She is eating so much and she is getting so round and cuddly XD
Now she is already about 4 months and she is so big! I think it`s because she is a きんくま hamster, which are one of the tallest among hamsters. She knows her name and follows you if you call her. She also using the hamster toilet and seems pretty smart (I always thought rats will do this but not hamsters XD).
Anyway...I heard her squeaking really loud and suddenly a huge cockroach appeared in front of her, same as big as my hamster. I called out for Yoshi, just grabbed my hamster and left the dirty job of getting rid of the little monster up to him.
I`m not sure how this big thing could enter our apartment and why it was sitting in front of my little Pikachu, but I was really shocked...I have grown up in the countryside and I can touch insects without big problems but this one looked like a mutant. Yoshi thinks the cockroach came to our apartment through the toilet...(which IS REALLY disgusting), was looking for food, entered Pudding`s cage and since she is a real
Hamster- Diva she tried to defend her little house with all her food collection...
Creepy...I imagined waking up having a cockroach as tall as I am inside my living room...poor Pudding. But she got a big salad from me and now she is fine again XD And I was cleaning for 2 hours because the imagination that this cockroach was everywhere just gave me the feeling of moving into another apartment just right away XD

Tomorrow we`ll watch Twilight 3 since Yoshi can leave after 1 pm ~ nice. And we will buy a new blanket because the winter is coming (`s still about 16 degrees here XD).

I`ve uploaded some photos of the Ueno Zoo trip ~ for those who wanted to see the otters XD

Montag, 8. November 2010

Today Kathi and I had a wonderful relax day at Sangenjaya`s Mc Do  ~~~
I really want to colour and cut my hair this week...although I`m planning to get extensions I need a little change. My hair has grown so fast since September and I really want to cut the side parts shorter to get a clear face lince.

At the moment I`m checking out various language schools which offer a free study schedule. I need a plan b if I won`t be able to get the university fee for Waseda from a German bank. Since I don`t want to use my Working Holiday Visa without a good job opportunity I`m thinking to go to language school. Sadly it`s really hard to find a class with my level (fluent in conversation/beginner in Kanji). I remeber my language school experience two years ago...I was placed in an intermeditate class and was bored like hell in the conversation class and simply skipped Kanji class because it was too difficult to follow (most of them were studying Japanese at university or 2 years, so all of them had a pretty Kanji knowledge of 800 and more...).
It seems there is a big language school 30 minutes from my apartment which offers courses for students like me. I`m thinking to go there for a trail lesson ~  I can combine advanced courses and I`m able to take the beginner course in Kanji. This would be perfect.

I was asked about the bento boxes which I make for my bf everyday ~
My bf`s work is about 12 hours everyday and he is the type of man who can eat everything without gaining weight XD  Since he is always hungry I`m making four medium-size bento boxes. One with salad, one with a dessert and two with the main dish~
I prefer noodles, rice and things with high carbohydrat because he is the "coffee-cigarettes" type and when he`s having one of his fashion shows or contests the only thing which he eats the whole day is my bento box... ( ̄ー ̄)
While I was working as teacher he made my lunch on his free days. Now I have holiday until January and my overload of free time is annoying me a I started to use my time for something meaningful which makes him happy and hopefully keeps him healthy XD
I buy ingredients at the supermarkt close by. A bento box set is always around 600~800 Yen (Tokyo is expensive... -_-). I prepare the food in the evening or in the morning, depending on the ingredients of the boxes. It takes about 30 minutes ~ 
For the decoration and all the cute stuff like biscuit cutter I have visited the 100Yen shop.
I will take some photos of the next boxes ~

Making bento can be really nice and fun. And it helps saving money since Conbini bento boxes are around 400 and sometimes include less food than self-made ones.

Ugly Plastic Tree LOVE  XD
@ Disney Store Shibuya

Freitag, 5. November 2010

Today we visited Ueno Zoo ~ 
It was really nice. Otters who are making love in front of our eyes and screaming like hell...just one highlight (*≧▽≦)
We were totally into the whole zoo thing and more excited than most of the kids there.
Ueno Zoo has some nice animals+pretty bawns and if the weather is nice, you can spend nearly three hours walking around. And it`s so cheap. About 600 Yen ~  so afterwards there is still enough money for taking a boat ride on the lake in the Ueno Park or check out the restaurants close by.
I have been to so many places in Japan and especially in Tokyo, but it was my first time in Ueno Zoo. It`s a nice dating spot ~  

And later we were lucky again and won two big dolls at the game centre ~ both in Christmas look. I can`t believe it XD  We used 500 Yen...

In Disneyland we HAVE to buy those ears XD

Next week we will go to watch Twilight 3 ~
The release date is this Saturday.

When we arrived home I was so surprised...because of this...:
A little bit early, but it`s so cute XD Now we have an ugly plastic tree and already have used the dolls to decorate our room. I`m a big fan of the German Christmas traditions and I will miss it for sure so maybe Yoshi wanted to give me some "home sweet home" feeling. A nice try ^^
I was really moved about it. Although having a Christmas tree in our apartment more than 50 days before Christmas Eve amuses me sooooo much XD   Yep, that`s Japan.
And I love him for making me smile.

Some pics ~