Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

 Hello weekend...good to see you again :)

Tomorrow will be Eri's birthday and a nice clubbing night is waiting for us...and also Peko says:

Me@work ~ That's John, my little lover ;)

 And two days ago I had a great dinner ~

Chicken-Tomato-Wrap with Mozarella

Caramel Cheesecake ~

 Alright guys, have a nice weekend ~

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

 Hello everybody ~
It's so freezing cold these days -_-"
Some days ago we had a lot of snow here in Tokyo, which is really special. Around 8pm it started snowing and when Yoshi&I decided to go home after dinner in a nearby restaurant, everything was white.

Big Daddy in white  ;)
These days I'm pretty busy with my job and on my free days I'm really tired...hope I will get used to it soon ~
Since Peko needed to visit his vet for a rountine health check, Yoshi and I decided to go for a walk and visited a Dog Cafe, where you can eat some snacks and enjoy coffee together with your dog. They have various dog snacks and so Peko had his first "sweet potatoe muffin". He was totally in love with it ~
Afterwards we had dinner at an Mexician restaurant while we were waiting for his results.
Peko seems to be a happy&healthy little guy ~ the next check will be in February. We are thinking to take him with us to Germany around Christmas, so he needs various checks beforehand ~

Even in winter... I'm always impressed!

Some other pics from this week  ~

Yoshi's wtf-expression about the snow XD 

Too cute ~ we had to get two! Yeah...maybe we're immature, but we enjoy it ;)
My new love ~ 

But the water became blue... ^^"  Well, the smell was nice XD

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Yesterday it was it was raining...what a weekend -__-"
I have work at Starbucks tomorrow, but happily I'm off on Monday. Yoshi and I are planning to go somewhere nice since I was so busy and exhausted last :)

I've got some mails from you asking me thousand I decided to make a little Q&A-post and tell you something more about me and my life.
I'm sorry, but I can't answer every E-Mail or message (since I don't want to spend my free time with typing, typing and typing again...). Hope you guys understand this ~

Q&A ~

Are you homesick or do you think of returing to Germany someday?
No, not at all. I talk with my family every week per Skype and I write E-Mails with my father and mother nearly every day. I love my family and I enjoy spending some time at my home town, but living in Germany is definetly no option for me...never.

Do you speak Japanese at home?
Yes~ my bf can't speak any English or German.

Do you have an old purikura of you and your boyfriend?
LOL ~ but we haven't changed at all ;)  Just to make it clear.
It's one of our second date but I'm pretty sure I have posted it here already.

Why didn't you study Japanese at university?
Well, that's pretty simple. Speaking Japanese won't bring you a good job since almost 120.000.000 Japanese people are speaking better Japanese than you ever will.
When I was looking for a major, I checked out various job opportunities here in Japan. Most jobs at companies offer really long work times and only few days of vacation...and c'mon guys...who wants to work 48 hours per week and just have 7 days vacation per year?! ;) 
I really enjoyed helping others and so I decided to become a teacher, which offers a nice salary&at least four weeks vacation per year.
I studied Japanese at home or with my friends. I also went to a one month-intensive Japanese class in Tokyo about five years ago. That's the better way to study Japanese.
You should always think about your future job. Japanese as major subject isn't the right choice if you really want to work&live in Japan.

Isn't it difficult to keep a pet and work full-time?
Of course it is, but happily I'm not working full-time. Due to my good salary I just work part-time, about 4~6 hours per day and I have three days off per week, which means I still have enough time to take care of Peko. Additionally he is trained to do his "business" in the "dog toilet", which means he can stay alone for some time. If I have to work overtime, my boyfriend tries to get home earlier. In this way, Peko can be a happy little dog :)  I wouldn't keep a dog if I were living by myself though...

How can you afford living in Tokyo?
While I was a university student, I worked part-time twice per week and saved a lot of money from Christmas&birthday and so on. When I lived in Japan for my university's internship I always shared the apartment with one of my friends. And another big help were the two scholarships which I have obtained because of good grades in classes while I was in the final year of my university study.
Now I'm already working as teacher and my boyfriend and I are sharing an apartment. It's still expensive, but since my job is pretty good, I can afford living here without big troubles.
I have used the same cell phone for almost five years...just to save money for other important things like air plane tickets, the monthly rent for my apartment here in Tokyo and and and...I think it's just about priorities ;)

Why did you start to like Japan?
I had a Japanese pen friend when I was younger. She sent me a lot of magazines, music&so on. I started to like Japan when I was around 14 years old.
In my childhood I was already the typical 90's kid ;)  I was totally in love with Digimon&Sailor Moon. Yeah...good old times. When I came to Japan for the first time I was 17. I was spending my summer holiday here&it was fantastic. This experience changed my life and I decided to visit Japan as often as possible. Three years later, when I was in the first year of university, I already knew that I wanted to work&live in Tokyo and tried my best to make this plan come true.

If you were single...would you still want to live in Tokyo?
Yes. It was my plan before I have met Yoshi. The only thing which would be different is maybe my career...I was thinking to do my Master degree at Waseda university. This plan was really expensive and without a loan from a bank it was nearly impossible...but since I got to know Yoshi and we both have so many plans in the future which are not only about our jobs and working, I decided to stop  this idea and save the money for something idea what...but someday soon I think I will be happy to have it XD Maybe a car, a world trip, a house, ten dogs, a baby...who knows!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope Yoshi and I have a nice apartment or a house..maybe a little baby? Going to great summer vacations every year maybe?
I'm thinking to open my own school maybe in five years I will already making some real plans about it.

Do you want to have kids?
Oh yes. Although just one would be fine for me :)

Do you have an idol?
Nope. I mean...Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Jesus...there are lot of great people. I'm idol-free...blame me.

Do you think some people are jealous of you?

I don't think so since I live a pretty normal life. I work, I have good days, bad days, average days, very nice days...but all in all I think everyone can become happy if they try their best. Being gloomy isn't simply the yourself, love the world. And...yes:

Picture belongs to turtlefeed

Are you planning your marriage already?
Well, a little. I think Yoshi&I will have the civil marriage in April or May. The real party will start in October, when we have saved some money. Since we will visit Germany in December, we will have two parties. One here in Tokyo and the other one in Germany.

What do you like about your boyfriend at most?'s difficult to put this in words... he is a very kind man and we spend a lot of time together...when we're seperated due to our jobs he calls me in his break time and writes a lot of E-Mails, which gives me a smile every time I get non-sense mails. And we can talk about everything and never get tired of each other. It's like watching your favourite always amazes you.
I think I love how important I am to him&how I can be myself when he is around :)

And now : A senseless photo of the new shelf which we have bought for Yoshi's books...I got some nice candles at FrancFranc :)

I love coala cookies...and I HAD to buy this New Year version XD
Yeah...blame the child in me XD

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Wow, what a busy week...
My first week at school was pretty nice. I have a great team of Japanese teacher&the trial classes were really nice.
I didn't do a lot since when the classes were over we always had a long meeting to plan the next I just spent time at home with Peko&Yoshi.
I'm really satisfied right now ~ let's hope this positive feeling will continue!

My first lunch time ~

Last week we had a nice dinner with Eri. We haven't met for almost three weeks and so there was so much to talk about.

Yoshi's birthday is coming closer. Since I really have no idea which kind of present would be nice we will go shopping together and he is allowed to abuse my wallet XD   We almost have all kind of "couple" things which you can imagine...including wallets, bags, rings, bracelets, gloves...slowly we are runnig out of items XD
I have already prepared some small&nice presents which will be a little surprise. I am really looking forward to the restaurant. Since we both love Italian food&everyone has told me that this place is fantastic I can't wait to check it out...

Tomorrow I will meet up with Steffi for a nice chill-out. Before that: Work. So I'm going to jump in my fluffy bed right now ~ have a nice weekend!

And since I was at home most of the time in the past days...I took some photos of my beloved ;)

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Today was the Opening Party at my school ~ I was pretty nervous since there were so many important people from the head office...and because of our outfit fail XD
It was written "casual dress" in the invitation card and so I simply wore a black one piece while Yoshi had his usual style like always...but when we arrived everyone seemed so dressed up... in suits or kimono XD  Alright...what did I learn today? "Casual" doesn't mean "casual" if it's an Opening Party for such an expensive school... XD
Well, Yoshi and I had fun and enjoyed a nice dinner later. Here are the great pics of the Punch Cafe in Futakotamagawa. A nice place ~

I have two days off and I will have dinner with Eri tomorrow night. On Monday Yoshi and I are planning to visit Odaiba. We have already planned going there for months XD Of course Peko will join.
By the way...Peko enjoys to abuse Yoshi as playground.

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Hello from Tokyo.
I will finally start my work as teacher on Tuesday. Can't wait ~~ although I won't quit Starbucks, I will work there only two or three times per a hobby. The past six months at Starbucks were really nice. I have learnt so many things, got to know nice people...but I'm finally ready for making the next step.
It's my first "full-time" job after graduating university in summer. Finally I'm independent ~ XD

My parents are planning to visit me in March. Since last year's visit was a huge mess (maybe some of my followers will remember parents arrived on 3/11 in Tokyo...2 hours later the big earthquake happened...) we are hoping that this year will be better XD
Yoshi and I are already planning where to go...we really want to visit Nikko for two days together.
Will be fun :)

Anyway, since I'm busy here are the last photos from our trip to Kouchi ~ hope to take some more this Friday when my beloved Steffi&I are chilling in Shibuya. I went shopping and got some nice clothes...really have to take some purikura soon.

School uniform playboy XD 

Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Hello from Kouchi ~~

We have spent a nice week here with Yoshi's family and tomorrow we will return to Tokyo. Hope you all had a great start into 2012 :)

We have visited the famous cave which is just 20 minutes from Yoshi's family's house, saw an interesting New Year's mess at a shrine, went shopping&of course...EATING XD  So much food...

Well, see you in Tokyo&here are some pics ~ :)


Yoshi's parents