Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Hey guys ~

I'm so sorry. These days I'm in the final round of my university study and I'm totally into my stuff...
I need to organize my Working Holiday Visa, my health insurance, Yoshi and I are checking out apartments' websites, Peko needs to get a castration....and I need to write my application for Waseda University's graduate school...

I've got so many nice E-Mails from you
Thanks! I'll try to answer them step by step.

At first:
I was asked if I could tell about my favourite places in Tokyo...restaurants, parks, cafes...with webpage link and some comments. If there are more people interested in something like this I will tell you about "my" Japan, my favourite places&dating spots in detail. Just leave me a comment if you want to read about stuff like this.
I always use this Blog for my personal stuff and to communicate with my friends in Germany, but I'm always open for new things :)

I was asked about my make-up  XD  This amused me a lot, because I'm not into make-up at all and I really use just a few things. But here is a look into my cosmetic bag:



My Make-Up:
I'm pretty white and proud of it XD
The best anti-aging product is simple: Just use a sun block and don't try to get brown.
Most Japanese&Korean women look a lot younger because they simple avoid getting brown. When you turn 30 and have avoided sun will be simply happy ;)
I know European people don't get it, but I have to say that I don't care about it. Free radicals kill your youth.
Happily my boyfriend loves white skin and thinks it's pretty if girls have a porcelain skin.
I'm totally into DIOR. The worst thing you can do is using cheap make-up from the supermarket. Pimples and dry skin will be the result. Sadly I have tons of allergies against cremes and make-ups and so I need to spend a little bit more for foundation&co.
DIOR Forever Make-Up has a high SPF and is really strong against hot weather or rain :)  45 Euro isn't cheap, but it's pretty efficient (2 months ~sometimes 3). In winter I often use DIOR Nude Make-Up, which is similar, but not that strong and covering.

My basic creme in summer:

Clinique City Block. Again Sun Block XD     21 Euro.
And it helps against sweaty and shiny skin. A perfect basic.
I also use the Shiseido Sun Block. Well, I'm sun block addicted XD

My powder:
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Powder. Box+Powder 1800 Yen.
Japan's summer is really hot and humid and you need a strong powder. Since I'm white like a dead person I have searched for a good powder nearly 2 years and finally I was lucky XD
Although it isn't the best (I want to try out DIOR powder if I have some more money...) one, it's pretty good for me. I love it ~ it has a great white effect, again nice SPF&since I need to buy a new one every month it's still affordable. A minus: If you get sweaty, you need to use it every two~three hours since it's not that long-lasting...

My eyeliner:
Cheap XD   2 Euro.
Essence Perfect Eyeliner.

That's all. In daily life I don't use eye shadow or mascara that much. In truth, I've forgotten which brand I'm using right now since I left most of my make-up stuff at our apartment in Tokyo.

All I can say:
Make-Up, cremes&powder should have a high quality since your skin will be really thankful for this.
For eyeliner, mascara and all the extra stuff: I use simply things from Donky Hot or German cosmetic stores.
Of course I have the dream that someday soon I can afford buying all those fantastic cosmetic stuff from Dior, Shiseido or Clinique  XD   But as long as I'm a university student....well, you know....   ;-)

Finally I was asked which Japanese idols are my favourites ~
I like a lot of Japanese bands, actors and so on. But I have never been a real "fan girl". So it's hard to choose.

Kamenashi Kazuya ~
My favourite Japanese drama is "Tatta hitotsu no Koi" :)
I have watched it about 20 times and I'm still not tired of it.

Kamenashi's face is stunning, I love his lips and eyes and I have to admit that he is beautiful to me. I'm not that into Kat-Tun, but he is simply my type. I love to look at him. On the stage or in the TV :) I would never spend money to buy a concert ticket or a poster of him...but he's cool.

And he looks like a squirrel when he smiles XD And sounds like one, too XD

Reina Triendl~

She's half-Austrian and such a cutie :)  I don't remember any models or their faces, but she is one I always recognize.
Reina is top model of JJ, a Japanese magazin which I love to read ^-^
I love her natural style and I think her photos without a lot of make-up are even cuter than her model shootings.

Ok guys ~ next update someday next week. I need to fight with the last pages of my BA-thesis...and I'm gonna win XD

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Back in Germany and busy as hell....

Some scans of our latest purikura ~~

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

I`m packing my suitcase right now. 6 weeks have passed so fast...
I`m on my way back to Germany until the beginning of July. Short goodbye ~~

I will graduate university (hopefully) in 3 weeks and need to organize my Working Holiday visa and other stuff, so I will be back to Japan very soon and finally I can start my life in a new apartment with my sweet doggy-baby and my beloved Yoshimoshi XD Yeah, sweet kitsch alarm!
I`m still thinking to apply for Waseda University`s graduate school...
Anyway, summer 2011 will be exciting, so please follow me!!

Starting from Wednesday I will support my university with their "Japan Week". A whole week about Japan in Duesseldorf :)   If you`re in Germany right now please visit us.
I will be there on Wednesday and Thursday, so let`s have a nice chat :)  (although I will be busy...I try to make some free time for you)
Sadly this webpage is in German, only  ;-;

I will update someday next week with some stuff about this summer and so on.
See you soon ~~

My sweet boys ~

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Today is my 24th birthday and I`m doing my Bachelor thesis....not a dream-like birthday, but since we had a nice party yesterday, it`s pretty ok.
Yoshi has to work until 9pm today and I`m doing a short break of all the BA-stuff to take Peko home from the pet hotel and make some dinner ~.
Here are yesterday`s photos ~

 I love those flowers ~~
 24th&25th birthday...we`re getting old ^^;

Fighting with candles...

♥  Yeah!!! Pooh-LOVE!

Yoshi`s present....

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Hey  ~  I`m on my way to Shibuya to hit the birthday party of Cori and me. Peko will stay one night at the pet hotel since Yoshi has to work today and tomorrow and the girls and I will go clubbing (after one year clubbing break this sounds like heaven to me XD).

Yoshi took two days off from work to celebrate my birthday not only once, but
twice XD
He made a reservation at the fantastic Alice in Wonderland Cafe in Shinjuku which is simply stunning, but soooo over-priced ^^;
I was so sorry for him when he paid the bill...
But if you have the chance, please check it out! It`s fantastic ^^ And the food is really tasty.


The next day we decided to check out some engagement rings in Omotesando, had a walk with Peko and Honey Toast at Pasela Resorts, at night a Okonomiyaki session.


I`m off ~~ another update tomorrow!!

Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011

It`s raining and I`m sitting in front of the PC and fighting with the last part of my BA-thesis...
Starting from tomorrow the weather will be summer-like again and I can`t wait to enjoy a coffee at Starbucks...

Yesterday Yoshi and I had a plenty things to do since Peko will return to Germany with me. Yoshi will look for an apartment and we`ll finally (!!!) move in July/August.

Until then our dog-rat will spend some weeks with my family since we don`t want to leave him in a pet hotel for too long. Since Yoshi`s new job is really busy it`s the best option for Peko since he shouldn`t be alone whole day without a walk and playtime.

Because the weather was terrible we waited in a karaoke box for the final results from the Vet. Japan `s restaurants are not very pet-friendly and in most places dogs aren`t allowed to enter. Since it was raining so much the terrace at Starbucks wasn`t possible, too. So we had  a small snack and waited one hour. Not really doing karaoke since we were mostly doing paper stuff while Peko enjoyed lunch XD

Yoshi had to send one private photo to his company since they are making internet profiles of every sales agent with three photos, showing them at work and in their private time. Peko played model ~
Japanese customers are always into sweet and cuddly maybe the Peko-love will become a plus XD

Next week is my 24th birthday (May 22nd). Since Yoshi has work, I will celebrate with my friends, but on Yoshi`s holiday on May 18th we will make our own private birthday party. Since Yoshi is doing the whole planning I`m not sure where we willl go, but I`m really looking forward to it.
I will return to Germany for about 5 weeks on May 24th, so it`ll be our last holiday together before we will start our life in the new apartment and visit his family in Kochi.
I`m SO looking forward to this summer....I can`t wait for Hanabi ^o^

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

My Hotmail account isn`t working these days (no Emails...sorry....)and my schedule is totally full with my BA-thesis, but here is a small update with photos from our Golden Week since I have a small coffee-break right now :)

I played with Yoshi`s wig XD  XD 
Now I`m thinking to get myself a brown wig, too ^^ Of course one which is a little bit more girly XD

Tiramisu Ice Coffee

Sun hat Love

I love this poster XD