Samstag, 30. April 2011

I hope you all had a nice start into the Golden Week :)

I had the chance to meet the owner of Quarter Void  ^^
We had a wonderful Staba chat and tons of stuff to talk about. She is such a cute and wonderful girl and I really enjoyed talking to her. We will have to repeat this for sure XD
And then I will steal her Vivienne Westwood stuff...hehehe...XD

Yoshi and I were thinking about what to do with our free time. He just got 2 more days off since he is still new in the company and needs to study a lot.
So yesterday we realxed and then spent our day in Sangenjaya with a tasty round of Okonomiyaki. We have found a small and cheap shop which is really famous for their tasty Okonomiyaki variations ^^ We will go there soon again...fantastic dinner! But no Purikura today...instead some crazy photos...yes XD We had too much free time...

We also visited our favourite bakery and got some things for free XD And of course we had to eat ice cream ~~ anyway. A nice day. Next week`s holiday we`re thinking to stay in an Onsen. Nice  *_*

Living together for one year hasn`t changed our nothing-to-do chill-outs when we`re too lazy to stand crowded places... :)

Last but not least...some dorky-photos XD

Peko is simply fanatastic XD While he is sleeping his face changes like he is trying to become a cast of a horror-movie XD
Smily XD

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Back again ^o^

I had a week full of BA-thesis things...but I still have the feeling I`m too slow. And that I write way too much ^^; 50 pages limit isn`t  a lot since I write about Japanese women and their change from the passive housewife to the well-educated single-mother...

Anyway, here a small declaration of love to Starbucks Shibuya. Since I have Peko with me, I need a pet friendly place to hang out and no place is better than the Staba close to Donky Hot ~ fanatstic (dog keeping) people, nice sand caring staff...I have spent the past year over there whenever it was time for a coffee (and this happens nearly every day XD)
and you always meet someone for an interesting chat or a simply chill-out.

Aki`s LOL fashion of the day. Simply cute XD
By the way ~ Yoshi dislikes his short hair a lot and so he uses a wig for the days when he`s off from work XD  I really think it makes him look a lot younger and you would never expect that he is working for such a good company ;)
Golden Week starts and we JUMP into it XD

Choco-Vanilla-Cake... = LOVE!

Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

In about 3 months I will finally graduate my German university XD
Due to the BA-thesis there are no big updates in the past days...I`m sorry.

Anyway, Yoshi`s new job is challenging. He is the only who who wasn`t attending university before and so he needs to study a lot more than the other 2 new ones.
But he is getting used to it day by day. At the moment he is mostly checking out the new houses of his company, trying to remember all facts and gets to know customers. We`re both looking forward to Golden Week and more free time together :) Happily his working time has changed. He starts at 9.45am and comes home around 8pm ^o^ And of course the salary is a lot better than before. We will be able to choose a great apartment
in summer ^^

Yesterday was his first day off and since the weather was nice we went out for a walk. There is a huge park close to our house, but we have never been there since Peko loves children and there are two playgrounds....which means stopping every three seconds because the kids want to touch Peko and he doesn`t want to walk on because he loves to take the center stage XD  Well, it took a long time for us to walk through it, but Peko was satisfied.
Later we end up for for dinner at a nice Cafe with the biggest Parfait I`ve ever eaten XD It took us 30 minutes to finish it, but was totally worth the fight XD

Fish kiss XD

Samstag, 16. April 2011

No big updates...hanging on my BA-thesis...

But I had some time for dinner and purikura with Cori :)

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Our trip to Kamakura was so nice!
I`ve been there about five years ago and I really wanted to go there again, but somehow I always didn`t make it.  Since Yoshi has never visited Kamakura before, we decided to go there in summer...on the day we wanted to go it was already 35 degrees at 11am...and it became the hottest day in Japan for we quitted XD  Too hot to walk around.
On Tuesday we rent a car and visited all shrines in the city, enjoyed Starbucks under the cherry blossoms and ate dinner at a restaurant close to the sea.

At night we went back to Yokohama, checking out Minato-Mirai and ate wonderful 31 ice cream.
We also got lost two times since the navigation system didn`t know about the new building site XD It was pretty amusing ending up in nowhere, finding so many beautiful Sakura trees ~~

From now on we`re thinking to make many trips around Tokyo. Next one will be Nikko ^o^
Going by car is so have your favourite music, can stop anywhere you want to...

Now I get myself ready to go to Shibuya. Today is Yoshi`s first day at his new job...all of his colleagues are from university, he is the only one who has worked in a different business before. He was so nervous, wondering if he wil be accepted that easily...can`t wait to hear his story tonight.