Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Yesterdady our double bed arrived XD HAPPY!!
Later we went shopping, ate some ice and chilled in Shibuya ^^ We also visited Kathi in 109 XD
Around 1am we made a short visit at Daisuke`s and Katsumi`s apartment. We talked how funny it would if we get babies around the same time....a boy and a girl...and in High School they become a couple. Yoshi wasn`t so happy about it though XD  He will be a overprotective daddy....
It doesen`t matter how long we`re together or how many hours we talk...we always have fun together and when I think of myself 2 years back and now I`m glad I changed my mind of having a serious relationship or marriage...he makes me complete ♥  Like lover and best friend in one person.

Today no long entry because I`m on the way to the German School in Yokohama~ there is a school festival today and I wanna check out where Yoko is always having fun XD

Just some pics ~

Teachy wants attention XD

Yoshi gave me a little present ;_;


  1. You and your boyfriend are such a cute couple! ^-^ ♥

  2. Aww <3
    Ich muss jetzt mal auf Deutsch schreiben.
    Ich finde euch beiden so süß!
    Und ihr passt so toll zusammen! <3
    Und ich hoffe ihr habt schöne Nächte in euerm neuen Doppelbett!
    Ich wünsche euch alles gute für die Zukunft!
    Ah! So süß!

  3. @DeadlyClaris Dankeeeee sehr ^^" Da werd ich ja fast schon rot vor lauter Komplimente... *_*