Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010


Yesterday I finally met Kathi to have a sweet chill-out at Saizeria and later a short purikura session XD

My family got us pair bracelets from Pandora
She is now working at 109 and I really envy her XD  I want to work, too...I`m wondering if my visa will be ok or not...
Since I missed the office times I need to go there tomorrow.

Today Yoshi has holiday ^^ But still had to go to work because of a meeting for a new I will pick him up later and we want to do some shopping. Starting from tomorrow I will make bento boxes for him. I have enough free time and since he rarely eats I hope it can be a motivation for him not to wait until work has finishes XD

And last but not least a great pic of this summer...Aki and Steffi are posing with a drunken salariman who barely stays alive.... XD