Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Today I've finally got my Re-Entry permission for my trip to Germany

(for those who don't know well about the Japanese visa system...if you want to leave Japan while having a work/study visa (e.g. Working Holiday visa) you need to get a Re-Entry permission beforehand at the Immigration Bureau. You have to say the date when you leave and when you will come back to Japan and they will make a notice in your passport. If you leave Japan without having a Re-Entry permission, your visa will expire...and you can enter Japan only with a visitors visa which doesn't allow you to stay for long and/or to work. So getting your Re-Entry is a really important thing if you plan to visit your family abroad or if you going on a trip~)

It took a long time...too long acutally. We were so tired in the end...and since we're were starving we went to the nearest Saizeria to enjoy some noodles XD
Later we had to buy some food for Peko. And while we passed by at Labi...I couldn't believe my eyes and fell in love ~ XD  One of the cameras which were on my Christmas wish list were in a Sale with incredible 70% off. The package of the camera was slightly damaged...but who cares about the package?! 
And so I was a bad girl and got myself a new camera today :) 
Since Yoshi's old one had some battery problems, it was really time for a change.

Steffi and I have tried those "Woopie Pies" some days ago...
They are love!! If you see a shop in Tokyo...you have to go and buy some!

One week left until I will leave to Germany ~~ still plenty of things to do ^^"


  1. Aw I hope you have a lovely time back home! Will you be gone long? I'm so glad your job will allow you take leave from them, some jobs are so nasty about that kind of stuff :/

  2. Süsses Foto. Und Glückwunsch zur Kamera! 70% ist ja der Hammer :)
    Ich wünsch dir viel Spaß in Deutschland!!!

  3. @Mika
    No, just six days. Well, my job is just part-time and so they're not so strict about it...but starting from January I will have just about four weeks vacation per year which means I can't visit Germany that easily.
    I think my boyfriend and I will go to visit my family around Christmas next year since he will also have some days off :)

    @Happy Berry
    Danke ~ ich liebe das Ding XD