Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Hello :)

The autumn has finally changed the colour of the leaves here in Tokyo.

On Tuesday Steffi and I had a walk in Yoyogi Park with Peko :) It was pretty cold, but we enjoyed the 2 hours.   (thanks a lot for the photos ^^)

This week was really busy for Yoshi since he had no day off. But between school and his part-time job, we still had some time to enjoy dinner together.

Tomorrow and Saturday are my days off ~~~  much love!!

And by the way...that's one of my cars XD ....not...

I love the glitter-glitter look of some cars in Shibuya...a lovely mix between trashy&stylish XD


  1. Hier leuchten die Wälder auch schon in den Herbstfarben ♥
    awww... Yoyogi Park... War da total gerne... Ich finde, da fühlt man sich wie an nem ganz anderen Ort.. :3
    Wie immer total schöne Bilder~
    und das Essen... *__*