Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Since I was too tired to prepare a dinner I simply got myself a fantastic BLT sandwich at the famous bakery close to the station...a great choice.

And I had some time to pimp my camera a little bit. One thing I enjoy about living in Japan is the freedom of decorationg every little thing which you own...while I was in junior high school, most people laughed about my old Nokia cell-phone which was covered with pink glitter stones...yes, totally trashy, but I was in love with it. Here in Japan most people try to individualize their things with decoration stuff...even when you're already far away from being a teenager.
Anyway, I love Disney. And so my camera made a little trip to the Wonderland...
Now I just need a cute case and I am ready for the next photo chances ~~

I was asked if I could make a photo at my work place...
sadly this isn't that easy since I rarely have a break time XD 
But here is a little impression of me at Starbucks ~

And my chibi Peko-kun and his tongue XD


  1. Oh you work at a coffee shop! That's so interesting^^ I know two ladies who worked in a coffee shop in Japan now XD

  2. I love decorating my things, mainly journals & my phone. I think it shows off a persons personality ;] I love the Alice in Wonderland deco's you have going on hehe

    Mmmmmmmmmm starbucks!! Best place to get coffee!!

    Awwwwwwww Peko is so cute!! I love how big his ears are hehehe