Montag, 7. November 2011

Hello ~~

After having fever on Sunday and nearly sleeping 15 hours I' m fit again. Yoshi's virus got me XD

Last week Steffi was getting some stuff for her new apartment and we helped her out to get a Wi-Fi internet connection.
Afterwards we were going karaoke&went for a fantastic honey toast

This weekend I also had a wonderful date (hehehe...) with my ophthalmic hospital to get an eye check for my new contact lenses. And yes...Yoshi and I went together. Not because we have a strange addiction to go on doctor-dates together...he just needed new lenses too.
And yes guys ~  I'm blind XD I really mean it. Without my glasses (which I just wear at home) or my lenses I can't see NOTHING XD      

Anyway, I have used lenses from the same brand for almost 10 years now and it's time to get new and better ones.
Afterwards we had some great dinner at an Izakaya close to our house...

Here are some pics :)

Without contact lenses...

Finally with new lenses... XD


  1. wieviel hat dich der arztbesuch im endeffekt gekostet?du meintest damals dass das kontaktlinsen anpassen so teuer ist..

  2. hope you're feeling better from your bug!

    p.s. the photobooth prints look so adorable! im gonna get some taken this weekend!! xx