Montag, 21. November 2011

This post isn't about something photos, no stories about Tokyo.

It's about something what really matters right now. I know a lot of people are following my blog and I just want them to take a look on the current situation in the Ukraine...
For the Eurofoot 2012 thousands of stray dogs are being killed right a cruel way.
I have already wrote to various newspapers, to TV channels and I'm also posting things on Facebook...let's give our best to make this public!
I believe as human beings we need to be "human"....and the Ukraine is showing right now that they're not ready to become a part of the EU yet!

Please help. Tell your friends, tell your school, the newspaper of your city, write to the TV channels.
We may can't save them...but we can try!
At the moment various organisations are trying to bring the dogs and cats to pet shelters. You can find more information if you use Google. They need your support.

German webpage:

American webpage:

For more information you can follow the Facebook community:!/Stop.Killing.Dogs.EURO2012

Killing for soccer...if we simply accept it, we already have lost our last sense of humanity.


  1. I support. i'll talk and sign petitions


  2. Schlimm sowas!
    Ich werde auch versuchen Menschen aus meiner Umgebung darauf aufmerksam zu machen und selbst helfen...

  3. just so horrible, i'll sign whatever i need to sign!

  4. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I'm SO sensitive with animal abuse...I just can't stand it!!!! I hate human being when I see this kind of shit, can't believe it!
    But I don't understand its relation with football! Can you help me with this information?
    Of course I'll sign and tell.

  5. Will do... sometimes I hate people...

  6. das ist der absolute horror, wie kann man blos so mit Tieren umgehen?
    Ich werds mal weiterleiten...

  7. @ everyone
    Thanks a lot ~ I have found out that some other pet shelters in Austria and Germany are trying to bring the dogs abroad...

    Ukraine has a big problem with stray dogs and cats. One of the Eurofoot 20212 managers was visiting the Ukraine to check out the cities and was disgusted by the many stray dogs runnig through the town. Since the Ukraine wants to be a part of the EU, they decided to "clean up" the cities to achieve the "modern European look"...which means killing all the dogs and cats until the Eurofoot 2012...
    That's the simple reason behind it.
    And also one reason why we shouldn't support the Eurofoot2012 organisation...since they have started the whole thing.