Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Hey guys ~~

I have spent a nice Saturday with Yoko, Steffi&Eri ~  2 times purikura on one day...I think I haven't taken two sets for almost four years XD

Today I had work until 7pm ~  and since Yoshi will come back home late due to his Christmas party at his work place, I was making myself some tasty salmon-spinach noodles and now I'm chilling with a nice movie. That's a great way to end a 7 hours work day ~~  actually tomorrow and the day after are my days off :)
In about 10 days I will visit my family in Germany for one week. I'm looking forward to the Christmas market so much ~ but it's still a strange feeling to go back to Germany for such a short time...

And some other nice news: Some days ago I was talking about a job as teacher with a salary of 3000Yen per first I thought I couldn't accept the offer, but happily the conditions have changed and...I will become a teacher at a new school which is just 30 minutes from my apartment.
My students are little kids and it's more like a child-care-centre, but I am really looking forward to it.
I will start in the middle of January. It's just part-time, but since the salary is really good I will finally able to realize some small wishes like buying stuff for our apartment or going shopping once a week :)
I'll continue working at Starbucks twice a week, too. In this way I will have at least 2200$ per month. Anyway, I will sign the contract on Friday. 2012 will bring some big changes ~~~


  1. Wow das ist ja toll ♥ 3000 Yen die Stunde, holla die Waldfee!!! Freut mich sehr für dich. Was bringst du den Kindern denn schönes bei? Und was hast du eigentlich studiert?! :)
    Die Fotos sind hübsch! Wünsche dir einen schönen Abend.
    Liebe Grüße Berry

  2. Ich bin Lehrerin an einer internationalen Schule ~
    Ich habe Sozialpädagogik mit Schwerpunkt Interkulturelle Pädagogik studiert :) Daher auch das nette Gehalt ;)
    Danke ~ hoff der Job wird gut!

  3. Wow das klingt doch echt toll! Man da wünsche ich dir echt viel Spaß dabei. Pädagogik stelle ich mir echt schwierig vor als Studium, ist bestimmt auch teilweise sehr anstrengend.
    Aber gut ich habe ja auch eine Art pädagogische Arbeit *lach*
    Liebe Grüße