Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Helloooo ~~

On Friday we`ve got a sweet surprise! 5kg Christmas chocolate, cookies&cakes from Germany ^^
I was really happy about it. My family put so much things in both packets XD  I`m not that big fan of chocolate, but I love cookies&cake. So my boyfriend already ate 800g choco and I started with the cookies from my grandma XD

Later Yoshi and I decided to watch Harry Potter at the cinema in Shibuya due to some tickets which he obtained from one of this seniors ~ I really don`t like Harry Potter (although I have watched most of the movies), but I have to say that this final was really great. Dark& with a lot of entertainment. Yoshi loves Harry Potter since he was a big fan in his childhood and so it was a nice way to spend the evening together.
Peko normally follows me everywhere in his bag, but we decided to bring him to a pet hotel close by due to his sensitive ears. I hope we can change our apartment soon...then he can relax at home if I`m off to loud&busy places.
Today night we`ve brought him home from his "spa day" XD
He seemed pretty fine (but somehow he smelled like peach...why?? ^^;), although now he wants to be hugged the whole day and sleeps most of the time...maybe he felt really lonely in the big cage.  One hour ago we made a night walk with him. He was really happy walking through our town but he still doesn`t do "his business" outside...only in his dog toilet... ^^; Well...that`s fine for me as long as he is happy.

Yoshi needs to take some time off due his strong allergy caused through shampoo+colouring~~ his doctor doesn`t seem satisfied because his hands` condition is really bad...I`m so sorry for him since he loves his work, but on the other hand we can spend more time together. He already made some plans where to go in the next days ^^ Tomorrow we want do take a look on the Christmas illumination. Of course together with Peko-kun ~~
I`m just worried about Christmas. We`ve got a nice table in an Italian restaurant in Odaiba...
But it seems he has to work on Christmas...because of his extra holiday this month...
I don`t want to spend my Christmas Eve waiting for my bf ending his work around 11pm XD

When Peko sleeps he`s dreaming a lot and making strange faces XD  Since he never barks or growls, it looks so funny seeing him like this.

And I`ve got new extensions. I`ve went to a new shop in Shibuya, close to Loft. I love the colour and the quality of the extensions (*≧▽≦)  I will post some photos tomorrow ~

Our neighbours decided to make the "100000% Christmas decoration"... and a CD-player plays 24hours Christmas music...hardcore XD


  1. von dem was du über peko schreibst muss er echt der glücklichste hund der welt sein :) wahrscheinlich hat er nie jemanden gehabt der sich um ihn gekümmert hat und jetz hat er gleich zwei ! ( naya, 3 mit deiner freundin die ihm manchmal zu sich nimmt (: )
    auf jeden fall finde ich das richtig klasse dass ihr ihn gerettet habt!

    Fröhlichen ersten advent morgen ( bei euch ist der ja shon heute, oder? xD) und guten appetit mit der ganzen schoki ( ich hätte schon längst alles aufgefuttert :) )

  2. Thats such an intense christmas display!! lolol
    peko-kun is so cute..!! i wish i could get a dog ;O;
    i hope your bf feels better soon. sucks he has to have an allergy in his favorite line of work =/..

    i'm so jealous of your package! i want some cake and cookies soooo bad!! i just got an oven though, so i might try baking a cake soon..! lol

    -Alyse@ Kansai★ガール

  3. @Kanoko: Froehlichen 1. Advent ^^
    Wir probieren die Fledermaus gluecklich zu machen~~ freu mich schon, wenn wir in der neuen Wohnung ohne Sorgen zusammen toben koennen ^^

    @Petite Devotchka:
    Thanks ^^ Yeah, he is a sweetie.
    You also live in a place where no dogs are allowed?

    Yes. We hope it`ll be ok soon. ^^

    Sadly I don`t have an oven, so I needed German cookies&cake so badly XD But I`ll buy one when we move into our new apartment in spring XD Can`t live without!

  4. I really like your dog!
    He's soooo cute!!!!
    And I agree with you about the first part of Harry Potter! I liked it alredy!
    It was better, than the others before!!!

    Mir fällt grad auf, dass ich die ganze Zeit Englisch schreibe, dabei kannst du doch Deutsch xDDDD
    Man bin ich ein Schnellchecker ^^°
    Nee, also im Ernst, der erste Teil von HP is echt gut, im Vergleich zu den bisherigen Filmen.

    Oh man, soo viel Schokolade und Kekse und Kuchen???
    *schon beim Gedanken dicker werd*
    Hoffe es schmeckt euch Beiden!

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)