Freitag, 5. November 2010

Today we visited Ueno Zoo ~ 
It was really nice. Otters who are making love in front of our eyes and screaming like hell...just one highlight (*≧▽≦)
We were totally into the whole zoo thing and more excited than most of the kids there.
Ueno Zoo has some nice animals+pretty bawns and if the weather is nice, you can spend nearly three hours walking around. And it`s so cheap. About 600 Yen ~  so afterwards there is still enough money for taking a boat ride on the lake in the Ueno Park or check out the restaurants close by.
I have been to so many places in Japan and especially in Tokyo, but it was my first time in Ueno Zoo. It`s a nice dating spot ~  

And later we were lucky again and won two big dolls at the game centre ~ both in Christmas look. I can`t believe it XD  We used 500 Yen...

In Disneyland we HAVE to buy those ears XD

Next week we will go to watch Twilight 3 ~
The release date is this Saturday.

When we arrived home I was so surprised...because of this...:
A little bit early, but it`s so cute XD Now we have an ugly plastic tree and already have used the dolls to decorate our room. I`m a big fan of the German Christmas traditions and I will miss it for sure so maybe Yoshi wanted to give me some "home sweet home" feeling. A nice try ^^
I was really moved about it. Although having a Christmas tree in our apartment more than 50 days before Christmas Eve amuses me sooooo much XD   Yep, that`s Japan.
And I love him for making me smile.

Some pics ~


  1. Is it really so cheap???
    And the ears are cool xDDD
    Oh your boyfriend is really sweet for making you smile with this surprise!!

    Koko =)

  2. aww, that was so sweet of him! i love the rilakkuma propped up next to the tree lolol♥


  3. awww those pics with the tiger are cute :D

    and omg "ugly plastic tree surprise" is so amazing and funny!
    (also ugly plastic trees are the best! xD I had one of those for years haha)

  4. @Tasja
    I`m thinking to make a "we love ugly plastic trees"-club... XD

    @Petite Devotchka
    Rilakkuma 4LIFE ;)