Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

The weather is wonderful these days and so we enjoy early afternoon dates much more than in the hot&sticky summer ~

Yesterday we watched Twilight. I`m not a huge fan nor I like the books that much, but to kill time and enjoy a little bit of "teenage feelings" the movies are pretty ok. Yoshi just started to read the books and we both were looking forward to the next part, which is as far as I can say the best part of all movies.  My highlight: Eduard`s proposal, which was really old school but somehow sweet and special if I think of all those superficial teenage movies.
Anyway ~ my big Eduard supporter (who really was totally into the movie  *sweet*) and I went on shopping in 109-2. Which ended with a big smile since one of the shop staffs asked me for a date in a second when he and I were standing a little bit seperated. Suddenly he switched the plan of buying a new coat and we left the shop with a mad look from him to the poor shop staff who got a huge shock realizing that I was there with my boyfriend XD   I had to laugh the whole way about Yoshi`s pouting. There is no need to be jealous ^^
We also checked various duvets. Since I`m allergic against feathers, we need to buy one made out of polyester which is washable...sadly we just found really expensive ones&decided to check out  other places than Shibuya.
 XD Not my real hair!
Since we had anniversary on Monday and weren`t able to go out we wanted to enjoy a nice dinner. We decided to eat Mexican and since Yoshi has worked as bar tender during his college times he knows some good places. We ended up somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya and nearly spent three hours there since we had so many things to talk about...
He really wants me to go to Waseda and already thinks about covering my university fees...which is really sweet, but impossible if we decide to move to another apartment next spring. I was really touched when he said that he doesn`t want me to give up on my dream and that he wants to protect my hopes&wishes even though it means he needs to work harder in case I can`t afford it.
His biggest fear is that I will go back to Germany and study over there...but I`m also fed up with seperations so I will stay in Japan for sure. I`ve got some motivation and I will apply for Waseda, hoping I can get a student`s loan from a German bank to
cover the expenses. Somehow I will find a way and even if it doesn`t work out, at least I have tried ^^

By the way...I didn`t get a hair cut or colour! (for those who got a shock looking at the purikura!!) I just wore a wig from my dear Lena ^_^  I was tired getting my hair ready since I still don`t have a new cut or colour yet XD  And I didn`t wear high-heels this I look pretty tiny in the purikura. Actually I`m just 1.66m but I like to "fake" my height up to 1.70m and higher  XD   I love this wig since it saves time if you don`t have time for styling, but up to now I just had three chances to wear it.

Now I need to dress myself and meet Kathi for dinner ~
Tomorrow Yoshi&I will go to Kichijoji ^o^  Hanging out in the park and making a boat ride on the lake ^o^v Well, we`re the living chaos so I hope we won`t get too wet, but I bet it`ll be great.


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  1. ach dein freund ist aber echt süß. schön das du ihm so wichtig bist!

    das letzte bild vom sex laden ist so witzig :)