Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Yahoo ~~

My bat XD
Today I had a short visit at the vet since Peko`s ears seem to be a little bit red and itchy. I`ve got some medicines and afterwards went to Mishuku, a place between Sangenjaya and Shibuya.
There are various shops for dogs which sell food and equipment. There is a also the big Setagaya-koen which offers enough space for walks.
Yoshi bought a dog leash last week but it`s thin&somehow hard and Peko seemed to feel really uncomfortable in it. Now I`ve got him a a harness and ~~ suddenly he enjoys going for a walk! Since he was really motivated I decided to walk back home and arrived after one hour XD

Tonight Yoshi will dye my hairline since tomorrow he needs to take my photos for his model folder. Later one we go model hunting in Shibuya since it`s easier for him getting models having a foreigner&small dog at his side  XD  Peko&I will be abused.
We need to find some ladies around 30~up because he needs to have some models for doing a perm ~~
We also need to buy tickets for Disneyland and do some shopping.

I`ve been a little bit bad (not allowed to spend money...) and bought a new pullover+dress.

Red ~~  a nice combination with white ^o^

Can`t wait to get my extensions. My own hair is so thin and`s like every styling lasts just for 30 minutes. I`m tired of it.

Anyone knows a good nail salon in Shibuya? (cheap+many designs)
I need to get new gel nails which are not that long because of Peko~~

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