Montag, 29. November 2010

Today we checked some apartments but didn`t find a good one, so we headed home, had a short stop at Omotesando Hills to check out the beautiful Christmas decoration ^^
So busy these days doing all this stuff....but since Yoshi is free we need to finish it all before his work will start again.

And had a short webcam session with Steffi+Kay ~~ thank u ^^ 

I hope I can meet some of you guys this week  >-<  Sorry for changing the schedule...

Of course Peko was with us ^^
I`ve seen a beatiful carry bag for dogs in Omotesando...I wish I had the money to buy it ~~ we have a nice bag already but this one was really special. Need to go there again soon ^^


  1. Hey~^^

    Ich hab jetzt auch nen Blog hier...^^

    Die Illumination ist ja echt voll schön!!

    Liebe Grüße~

  2. Yahooo ^^ ~~~ Hab dich gleich geadded.