Montag, 8. November 2010

Today Kathi and I had a wonderful relax day at Sangenjaya`s Mc Do  ~~~
I really want to colour and cut my hair this week...although I`m planning to get extensions I need a little change. My hair has grown so fast since September and I really want to cut the side parts shorter to get a clear face lince.

At the moment I`m checking out various language schools which offer a free study schedule. I need a plan b if I won`t be able to get the university fee for Waseda from a German bank. Since I don`t want to use my Working Holiday Visa without a good job opportunity I`m thinking to go to language school. Sadly it`s really hard to find a class with my level (fluent in conversation/beginner in Kanji). I remeber my language school experience two years ago...I was placed in an intermeditate class and was bored like hell in the conversation class and simply skipped Kanji class because it was too difficult to follow (most of them were studying Japanese at university or 2 years, so all of them had a pretty Kanji knowledge of 800 and more...).
It seems there is a big language school 30 minutes from my apartment which offers courses for students like me. I`m thinking to go there for a trail lesson ~  I can combine advanced courses and I`m able to take the beginner course in Kanji. This would be perfect.

I was asked about the bento boxes which I make for my bf everyday ~
My bf`s work is about 12 hours everyday and he is the type of man who can eat everything without gaining weight XD  Since he is always hungry I`m making four medium-size bento boxes. One with salad, one with a dessert and two with the main dish~
I prefer noodles, rice and things with high carbohydrat because he is the "coffee-cigarettes" type and when he`s having one of his fashion shows or contests the only thing which he eats the whole day is my bento box... ( ̄ー ̄)
While I was working as teacher he made my lunch on his free days. Now I have holiday until January and my overload of free time is annoying me a I started to use my time for something meaningful which makes him happy and hopefully keeps him healthy XD
I buy ingredients at the supermarkt close by. A bento box set is always around 600~800 Yen (Tokyo is expensive... -_-). I prepare the food in the evening or in the morning, depending on the ingredients of the boxes. It takes about 30 minutes ~ 
For the decoration and all the cute stuff like biscuit cutter I have visited the 100Yen shop.
I will take some photos of the next boxes ~

Making bento can be really nice and fun. And it helps saving money since Conbini bento boxes are around 400 and sometimes include less food than self-made ones.

Ugly Plastic Tree LOVE  XD
@ Disney Store Shibuya

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