Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Today was the Opening Party at my school ~ I was pretty nervous since there were so many important people from the head office...and because of our outfit fail XD
It was written "casual dress" in the invitation card and so I simply wore a black one piece while Yoshi had his usual style like always...but when we arrived everyone seemed so dressed up... in suits or kimono XD  Alright...what did I learn today? "Casual" doesn't mean "casual" if it's an Opening Party for such an expensive school... XD
Well, Yoshi and I had fun and enjoyed a nice dinner later. Here are the great pics of the Punch Cafe in Futakotamagawa. A nice place ~

I have two days off and I will have dinner with Eri tomorrow night. On Monday Yoshi and I are planning to visit Odaiba. We have already planned going there for months XD Of course Peko will join.
By the way...Peko enjoys to abuse Yoshi as playground.

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  1. Peko ist voll süss ♥ Viel Spaß in (oder sagt man auf?!) Odaiba!! Da wollten wir ja letztes Jahr unsere Hochzeitsreise verbringen, im Nikko Tokyo, haben es aber gecancelt... Dafür kommen wir nun im März nach Tokyo (allerdings ein Hotel in Shibuya :) )
    Wo wohnen du und dein Freund eigentlich (also welcher Stadtteil)? Viel Spaß in deinem neuen Job!
    Liebe Grüße