Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Hello from Kouchi ~~

We have spent a nice week here with Yoshi's family and tomorrow we will return to Tokyo. Hope you all had a great start into 2012 :)

We have visited the famous cave which is just 20 minutes from Yoshi's family's house, saw an interesting New Year's mess at a shrine, went shopping&of course...EATING XD  So much food...

Well, see you in Tokyo&here are some pics ~ :)


Yoshi's parents


  1. Uuuh so viel Essen *__* Ich will auch ö3ö

  2. Aw, such great pictures! You're making me nostalgic, hungry, and impulsive (to go to Japan RIGHT NOW~) all at the same time! haha~

    It looks like you had a GREAT time~ :)

  3. All that food looks so delicious!!!! Hungry!!