Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Hello from Tokyo.
I will finally start my work as teacher on Tuesday. Can't wait ~~ although I won't quit Starbucks, I will work there only two or three times per a hobby. The past six months at Starbucks were really nice. I have learnt so many things, got to know nice people...but I'm finally ready for making the next step.
It's my first "full-time" job after graduating university in summer. Finally I'm independent ~ XD

My parents are planning to visit me in March. Since last year's visit was a huge mess (maybe some of my followers will remember parents arrived on 3/11 in Tokyo...2 hours later the big earthquake happened...) we are hoping that this year will be better XD
Yoshi and I are already planning where to go...we really want to visit Nikko for two days together.
Will be fun :)

Anyway, since I'm busy here are the last photos from our trip to Kouchi ~ hope to take some more this Friday when my beloved Steffi&I are chilling in Shibuya. I went shopping and got some nice clothes...really have to take some purikura soon.

School uniform playboy XD 


  1. Viel Spaß mit deiner Familie :)
    Mein Mann und ich wollen auch im März endlich nach Japan (das ist so ein langer Lebenstraum von uns und letztes Jahr hatten wir unsere Hochzeitsreise dahin abgesagt wegen des Unglücks...).
    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß in deinem neuen Job :)

  2. Aw how fun!! I hope that things will end up being okay when your family goes to visit you!

  3. happy new year! hope ur new job goes well!