Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

 Hello    ~
7 hours work on Friday and then...Christmas
Anyway, I still need to get some presents...hope to find them tomorrow.
Yesterday I had the first meeting with my teacher team at the school. Both of them are really lovely and I can't wait to work with them. We have planned the first lessons for the Opening Trial together and checked out some nice and easy songs. Although my school is callled "international", all kids will be Japanese whose parents want them to grow up bilingual. I hope I can show you some photos soon :)

Yesterday morning Yoshi's free day was cancelled since one of the other staffs got sick suddenly. Happily he just had to work around lunch time and at night we had some free time.
Yoshi really wanted to visit the German Christmas market, which is hold every December in Roppongi Hills and so we gave it a try. It was my first time there and I was really impressed. It's a cute and small market...only the food was a big shock. Not only the price (700 Yen for sausages XD), but also the look and taste of the food was a disappointment.
Only the Glühwein (hot wine) was ok and Yoshi enjoyed two cups. I think it's a great try for those who miss the German Christmas feeling here in Tokyo. We had a nice time :)
Sadly Roppongi itself isn't that nice...lots of strange foreigners who rarely seem to have a valid visa. One guy thought Yoshi was working as Host and wanted him to take part in some kind of "video" (some kind of porn I bet...) and didn't let go of us...until I got mad and showed him that even 166cm small girls can have a really loud voice XD
I dislike Roppongi ~ simply not my town.

Here are the photos and now I'm off the Shibuya for the present hunting. Hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas shopping...or simply survive it.

First time I have seen the heart ~


  1. Die Bilder sind schoen *o* Ich mag Grossstadte bei schoen die lichter, vorallem in der Weihnachtszeit :)

    Das mit Yoshi ist krass...Ich werde mir das mit Roppongi merken XD Ich denke ich waere total beaengstigt, wenn jemand mich oder meine Freunde anquatschen wuerde...Aber ich finds toll das du ihm die Meinung gegeigt hast :D

    Ich wuensche dir, Yoshi und Peko frohe weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr~

  2. Schöne Fotos!
    Das mit deinem Freund ist ja echt krass, ohjeohje. Ich hab mal gelesen, dass die RoppongiHills so ein teures Viertel sein sollen mit lauter teuren Wohnungen. Ist das gar nicht so?!

    Liebe Grüße

  3. love the pictures <3 especially the last one its beautiful <3

  4. ha ha! xD Na dann habt ihr wenigstens ne lustige Anekdote zu erzählen. ^_~ Da kann dein Freund sich glücklich schätzen, dass du eine so gute Beschützerin bist!