Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Hello from Tokyo ~

It's already pretty cold here. Everyone in Christmas mood? :)

I have arrived last week and since I'm a person who sleeps the whole time of the flight, I didn't have the chance to get any dinner or lunch in the air plane. Since I was so hungry when I arrived in Shibuya, Yoshi and I decided to eat some Ramen in a new shop close to our house. It was really tasty ~

The next day we had to go to Omotesando to get some things for Peko. Like almost all apartments here in Japan we just have an air conditioner in our room, no heater (= really cold...)
Although our dog is at home, we can't put on the AC the whole time and so we got him a heating pad to keep him warm. This is a much cheaper way than the AC.
The illumination along the Omotesando Hills is really beautiful. Here a little impression:

Afterwards we decided to visit one of our favourite Italian restaurants.

Peko's new coat~

And his heating pad+bed~

I love my neighbourhood...Fuji is always there like a big daddy XD

And today I was getting myself a nice outfit for Christmas...on 24th we will visit a German restaurant in Ginza and later check out some Christmas illumination.
I still need to buy a new jacket...hope to find a nice one next week.

Like most of you know, I am a huge fan of One Way, a 109-brand. Their clothes are really lovely. Here is the dress which I'm totally in love with...classy&elegant.

Please check out their webpage~


  1. ow here in my town is really cold too >.< ~! aww your poppy so kawaii n.n

  2. Ooh never heard of that brand before but I LOVE what you bought! I def will check them out :)

    Glad you had a nice flight back! I'm sure it feels great to be back in your second home :) cute dog bed!

  3. Ach jöö, dein Hund ist so süss. Auf dem Foto mit dem Mantel sieht er aus wie eine Diva xD
    und ab deinen Essensfotos bekomme ich schon wieder Hunger >.< xD


    liebes Grüsse

  4. ohhh~~~ I love omotesando hills ♡ 
    peko is cute too hehe!! and your so pretty ☆〜!! envy you haha >.<