Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011


Hello ~

I'm already on my way back o Tokyo...I feel like I have spent two days in Germany...although I was here for one week, it was still too short.
I love my family. I have a perfect relationship to my parents and grandparents and while I was a university student I have visited them almost every two weeks although I have lived in a different town and needed two hours by train to get back home...
I'm never homesick since I feel Japan is already my home, but I'm sad that I can't visit them that often...especially starting from next year. Although my work as teacher offers four weeks holiday per year, it's only two weeks in summer and two weeks around Christmas...
The problem about living abroad and having a job is the balance between your life in the country you live in and your family back home. I have promised myself to visit my family at least twice per year...but I am afraid that I may won't come home before Christmas next year...which is simply sad.

But anyway...in this week I have missed my boyfriend, my dog, my apartment and my life over there so much that I know I wouldn't be able to live in Germany again. And so I go "home", which makes me happy and excited.
Yoshi will wait at the bus station in Shibuya for me...I am so looking forward to give him a hug. Having someone waiting for you makes the wold different, huh ~  :)

Tonight I visited the Christmas market in Dortmund with my parents. I love Christmas in Germany...we've spent a nice time. Here are some photos.

See you guys in Tokyo ;)


  1. Man sieht richtig, dass du die Tochter deiner Eltern bist :) Also so vom Gesicht her ^-^
    Schade, dass du nur so wenig Urlaub hast und das sogar als Lehrerin! Schade, dass dein Männi nicht mitkommen konnte. Ich stell es mir schwierig vor, seine Familie nur so selten zu sehn. Als ich damals nach Berlin gezogen bin, habe ich sie auch nur 3 mal im Jahr gesehen und immer schrecklich vermisst. Mittlerweile fahren wir aber öfter mal heim. :3
    Ich wünsche dir eine gute Heimreise!!!

  2. Oh yes I also got very homesick when I was in Japan even for such a short time (around 3 months or so) but I'm sure you feel so so sad that you can't see them as much either : ( I'm glad that you feel like Japan is also your home, but nothing beats your REAL home y'know? Have a safe flight hun !! :) Christmas in Germany is so lovely, isn't it!

  3. die bilder mit deinen eltenr sind so süß <3 komm gut in tokyo an <3 <3