Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Hey guys ~

I'm so sorry. These days I'm in the final round of my university study and I'm totally into my stuff...
I need to organize my Working Holiday Visa, my health insurance, Yoshi and I are checking out apartments' websites, Peko needs to get a castration....and I need to write my application for Waseda University's graduate school...

I've got so many nice E-Mails from you
Thanks! I'll try to answer them step by step.

At first:
I was asked if I could tell about my favourite places in Tokyo...restaurants, parks, cafes...with webpage link and some comments. If there are more people interested in something like this I will tell you about "my" Japan, my favourite places&dating spots in detail. Just leave me a comment if you want to read about stuff like this.
I always use this Blog for my personal stuff and to communicate with my friends in Germany, but I'm always open for new things :)

I was asked about my make-up  XD  This amused me a lot, because I'm not into make-up at all and I really use just a few things. But here is a look into my cosmetic bag:



My Make-Up:
I'm pretty white and proud of it XD
The best anti-aging product is simple: Just use a sun block and don't try to get brown.
Most Japanese&Korean women look a lot younger because they simple avoid getting brown. When you turn 30 and have avoided sun will be simply happy ;)
I know European people don't get it, but I have to say that I don't care about it. Free radicals kill your youth.
Happily my boyfriend loves white skin and thinks it's pretty if girls have a porcelain skin.
I'm totally into DIOR. The worst thing you can do is using cheap make-up from the supermarket. Pimples and dry skin will be the result. Sadly I have tons of allergies against cremes and make-ups and so I need to spend a little bit more for foundation&co.
DIOR Forever Make-Up has a high SPF and is really strong against hot weather or rain :)  45 Euro isn't cheap, but it's pretty efficient (2 months ~sometimes 3). In winter I often use DIOR Nude Make-Up, which is similar, but not that strong and covering.

My basic creme in summer:

Clinique City Block. Again Sun Block XD     21 Euro.
And it helps against sweaty and shiny skin. A perfect basic.
I also use the Shiseido Sun Block. Well, I'm sun block addicted XD

My powder:
Shiseido Majolica Majorca Powder. Box+Powder 1800 Yen.
Japan's summer is really hot and humid and you need a strong powder. Since I'm white like a dead person I have searched for a good powder nearly 2 years and finally I was lucky XD
Although it isn't the best (I want to try out DIOR powder if I have some more money...) one, it's pretty good for me. I love it ~ it has a great white effect, again nice SPF&since I need to buy a new one every month it's still affordable. A minus: If you get sweaty, you need to use it every two~three hours since it's not that long-lasting...

My eyeliner:
Cheap XD   2 Euro.
Essence Perfect Eyeliner.

That's all. In daily life I don't use eye shadow or mascara that much. In truth, I've forgotten which brand I'm using right now since I left most of my make-up stuff at our apartment in Tokyo.

All I can say:
Make-Up, cremes&powder should have a high quality since your skin will be really thankful for this.
For eyeliner, mascara and all the extra stuff: I use simply things from Donky Hot or German cosmetic stores.
Of course I have the dream that someday soon I can afford buying all those fantastic cosmetic stuff from Dior, Shiseido or Clinique  XD   But as long as I'm a university student....well, you know....   ;-)

Finally I was asked which Japanese idols are my favourites ~
I like a lot of Japanese bands, actors and so on. But I have never been a real "fan girl". So it's hard to choose.

Kamenashi Kazuya ~
My favourite Japanese drama is "Tatta hitotsu no Koi" :)
I have watched it about 20 times and I'm still not tired of it.

Kamenashi's face is stunning, I love his lips and eyes and I have to admit that he is beautiful to me. I'm not that into Kat-Tun, but he is simply my type. I love to look at him. On the stage or in the TV :) I would never spend money to buy a concert ticket or a poster of him...but he's cool.

And he looks like a squirrel when he smiles XD And sounds like one, too XD

Reina Triendl~

She's half-Austrian and such a cutie :)  I don't remember any models or their faces, but she is one I always recognize.
Reina is top model of JJ, a Japanese magazin which I love to read ^-^
I love her natural style and I think her photos without a lot of make-up are even cuter than her model shootings.

Ok guys ~ next update someday next week. I need to fight with the last pages of my BA-thesis...and I'm gonna win XD


  1. Ooh! I love Kame too! ^^ He's too cute! I will never get tired of loving him! My favorite actor is Haruma Miura! <333

    I've never heard of her... but I'll be sure to look out for her! She looks so cute!

    Good luck with everything! try not to be too stressed out! ^o^

  2. OMG! I used to have the BIGGEST thing for Kamenashi!!!! Like... my entire 3rd year of University was consumed by my love for him, lol! I'm not sure how I feel about him anymore since I'm not really into Johnny's and haven't been paying attention to many Japanese dramas... but I do enjoy seeing his face all over posters on the train at times.

    My love is Yamapi :3

  3. @みか☆ちゃん
    Oh yes...he is too cute :)
    Haruma Miura is also really sweet. I have loved him as Ren in Gokusen 3, although I liked him a lot more in his new movie "Kimi ni todoke". He is more the sweet guy than the rebel XD
    Thanks! I'm SO happy when everything is finished!

    @Caroline Josephine
    Hahahaha :)
    In junior high, around 2003, I was in love with Akanishi.
    But somehow Kame convinced me in "THNK"...he was simply amazing as Hiroto and starting from 2006 I was totally into him, although I barely paid attention to Kat-Tun or so on. I just loved to see his face :)
    I love the Panasonic CM of him XD Yamanote Line is my favourite XD But my boyfriend always gets jealous...hehehe...but he loves THNK, too. We both are into J-drama&he thinks Kame has a nice style.

    Yeah, me too ~ I don't know a lot about Johnnys, I just sometimes catch their songs.
    YamaPi is pretty cool, too. I loved him in "Buzzer Beat"...and his body is the reason why my boyfriend started going to gym again last month XD He is totally crazy about beating YamaPi ~ LOL ~