Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Today is my 24th birthday and I`m doing my Bachelor thesis....not a dream-like birthday, but since we had a nice party yesterday, it`s pretty ok.
Yoshi has to work until 9pm today and I`m doing a short break of all the BA-stuff to take Peko home from the pet hotel and make some dinner ~.
Here are yesterday`s photos ~

 I love those flowers ~~
 24th&25th birthday...we`re getting old ^^;

Fighting with candles...

♥  Yeah!!! Pooh-LOVE!

Yoshi`s present....


  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 24 in February so we're about the same. I hate thinking "Oh I'm getting old" but of course I always worry about that. XD

    Vivienne Wallet love! I still want a VW wallet but I may end up with Chanel instead. I'm torn between my rock side and my otona side! X3

  2. Dann alles alles liebe zum Geburtstag und noch einen ganz tollen Tag, vierleicht klappt es ja dann Heute besonders gut mit deiner Arbeit! ^-^

  3. last year I spend my birthday cleaning my hideous room o___o
    That VW wallet is gorgeous!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Love Yoshis present XD Hope you enjoy youself Today too, even with the Thesis ^__^

  5. @ miss wave ♪
    Oh really? The 1987-girls XD
    Actually this is a key case ~ since we will move to a new apartment it'll be really useful ;)
    I really want to have the white Louis Vuitton wallet ~~ the following two years will be a little bit too expensive, but I hope I can afford it someday... ^-^

    Danke schön :)
    Noch eine Woche bis zur Freiheit °O°

    Thanks :)
    Cleaning a room is also a way to spend a birthday XD Anyway, next year will be better for sure!

    Dankeeeeee ^^