Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

My Hotmail account isn`t working these days (no Emails...sorry....)and my schedule is totally full with my BA-thesis, but here is a small update with photos from our Golden Week since I have a small coffee-break right now :)

I played with Yoshi`s wig XD  XD 
Now I`m thinking to get myself a brown wig, too ^^ Of course one which is a little bit more girly XD

Tiramisu Ice Coffee

Sun hat Love

I love this poster XD


  1. Aw, looks like such a relaxing time for you! I love your Japan pictures ^^

    I love your blonde hair though! T o T since I am blonde, I guess I am biased haha~`but the brown looks super cute too!

    Your purikura is always so cute---!

  2. I love your blonde hair!
    Although the wig looks cute on you too :D
    I have dark brown hair...But I wished so much to have blonde hair like yours T.T

    Gosh...Japan is so beautiful, If I were able to I would take the next flight to Japan. But well I guess I will have to work hard for my dream T.T

    But I really enjoy reading this blog...I hope I can read it for a long long time :3

  3. みか☆ちゃん
    Thanks :) I like my blonde, too. But actually I`m dark blonde and I haven`t seen my natural hair colour for years XD Maybe that`s the reason why I got into brown hair again. Well...I will see. Maybe I will get myself a wig in summer XD
    Love your latest blog updates ^^

    Thanks :)
    Oh no! Brown hair is beautiful. If you choose the right brown, like caramel brown, it looks fantastic.
    So don`t worry. Blonde isn`t everything ;)

    That`s sweet :) Please follow me!

  4. Hahahaha omg! I took a photo of that bouncing dog poster too and showed it to my fiance. He always sees dogs and says 'they like me!' so I took this one and then said LOOK THIS DOG LIKES YOU!

    Your photos are all so cute! Looks like you had a nice time :)

  5. @Caroline Josephine
    It`s so ♥♥♥ sweet XD A great photo!
    Dogs are simply the best :)

    Thanks :) Seems you had a nice time, too.