Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011

It`s raining and I`m sitting in front of the PC and fighting with the last part of my BA-thesis...
Starting from tomorrow the weather will be summer-like again and I can`t wait to enjoy a coffee at Starbucks...

Yesterday Yoshi and I had a plenty things to do since Peko will return to Germany with me. Yoshi will look for an apartment and we`ll finally (!!!) move in July/August.

Until then our dog-rat will spend some weeks with my family since we don`t want to leave him in a pet hotel for too long. Since Yoshi`s new job is really busy it`s the best option for Peko since he shouldn`t be alone whole day without a walk and playtime.

Because the weather was terrible we waited in a karaoke box for the final results from the Vet. Japan `s restaurants are not very pet-friendly and in most places dogs aren`t allowed to enter. Since it was raining so much the terrace at Starbucks wasn`t possible, too. So we had  a small snack and waited one hour. Not really doing karaoke since we were mostly doing paper stuff while Peko enjoyed lunch XD

Yoshi had to send one private photo to his company since they are making internet profiles of every sales agent with three photos, showing them at work and in their private time. Peko played model ~
Japanese customers are always into sweet and cuddly maybe the Peko-love will become a plus XD

Next week is my 24th birthday (May 22nd). Since Yoshi has work, I will celebrate with my friends, but on Yoshi`s holiday on May 18th we will make our own private birthday party. Since Yoshi is doing the whole planning I`m not sure where we willl go, but I`m really looking forward to it.
I will return to Germany for about 5 weeks on May 24th, so it`ll be our last holiday together before we will start our life in the new apartment and visit his family in Kochi.
I`m SO looking forward to this summer....I can`t wait for Hanabi ^o^


  1. @Ina
    thanks :) he is a lovely Gremlin XD

  2. I hate this weather! I'm not looking forward to the rainy season... but if you're going back to Germany then you're going to miss out on it!

    When you get back let's have a meet up! I love Starbucks :3

    Have a good trip and a happy birthday! I can't wait to see what Yoshi does for you :D